Welcome to the Realm™ - Version 5.0...

Via a stable wormhole provided by my team in the Department of Stargate Stuff, this is coming to you from the present into the past….

SG RAYEGUN: No Korrioth, there were not any Klingons used to establish the wormhole…..

On this date and time….at some point in the past….your General was welcomed into the barracks. Yes, it’s the Generals’ birthday. Yes, he’s grumpy and cranky today…..hence the reason the scientists had to open the wormhole to send this post back in time.

And since he has your attention, there are a few announcements needing to be made.

1. The chick-chasing™ ways that Darth seems to thrive on are no more for your General. He has found a proper Generalette.

2. Your General has FINALLY completed his latest instance of college education and OFFICIALLY received his diploma on December 23, 2008. For those who are curious, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

3. The Southern Command HQ and all related areas WILL BE relocating to an as-of-yet determined undisclosed location BEFORE the summer. Yes, this to allow the new Generalette proper access to the various Command HQ entities. No date yet, but more information will be forthcoming. Keep comm channels open.



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