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What with all the Hue & Cry™ about exhorbitant executive salaries, bonuses (bonusii?), perks, golden parachutes ‘n all – I don’t seem to recall any libtard biznotch screaming about this.

The Walt Disney Co.’s chief executive, Robert Iger, received a compensation package valued at $51.1 million in fiscal 2008, up 85 percent from a year earlier, according to an Associated Press calculation of figures disclosed in a regulatory filing made Friday. But most of it came in stock options that currently have little value.

Those options, which vest though 2013, were granted in January 2008 when Iger agreed to a new employment contract.

Iger’s salary was $2 million the fiscal year ended Sept. 27, unchanged from a year earlier, and he was given a performance-related bonus of $13.9 million, up from $13.7 million in fiscal 2007.

Gee, seems a little high for someone who’s basically watching over Uncle Walt’s legacy, isn’t it?  Especially after he hasn’t done all that much to polish Disney’s image after Widdle Mikey Eisner spent all those years tarnishing it.  All those less-than-wholesome movies (Touchstone  and Miramax  flicks come to mind), making the theme parks heterophobe-friendly, that sort of thing.

Why isn’t anyone screaming Bloody Fuckin’ Murder™ over any of that?  Hmmmmmmmmmmm???

Oh, wait – it’s because we conservatives & Christians object to what Disney’s become over the years.  Must be a Good Thing™, then.  Never mind.

Boggles de mind, it do.


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