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All of us are patently aware that there’s more and more month at the end of the money these days. We’re also aware that banks, mortgage lenders, and potentially the automakers are getting a bailout — which ends up coming out of our (as in yours and mine) pockets…..emptier as they’re getting.

But when you read this article, prepare for a RCOB moment (as Darth is so famous for using) or at least keep a roll of duct tape handy to keep thy noggin’ from ‘splodin.

Today taxpayers are supporting our former presidents to the tune of more than $2.9 million. Their yearly salary pension is $191,000. Aside from that, each gets a staff; that staff costs you, the taxpayer, $96,000 per president.

Yeah, ain’t that just speh-shulllllll to quote the Church Lady from SNL.

But it should come as no surprise as to who the greediest bastard is when expecting us to pay for his “bills” is. Read and prepare for the RCOB. Duct tape is optional.

You have been warned.


Captain Gaffetastic strikes again.

Vice President Biden took a stab at Chief Justice John Roberts on Wednesday, one day after the chief justice flubbed the oath of office that President Obama was to recite at his inauguration.

Biden was to swear in senior executive staff at a White House ceremony after having already given the oath to newly confirmed Cabinet secretaries. When Obama reminded him that he had only done the one group and hadn’t done the second yet, Biden quipped, “My memory is not as good as Chief Justice Roberts.”

Maybe Roberts didn’t want to follow your example as a plagiarizer, assmunch.

“Chuck, stand up, let the people see you!”


And then we’ve got his boss, the Ayatollah Obambi, whom methinks doth protesteth too much in revamping the Freedom of Information Act, in what appears to be an attempt to launch a criminal investigation against President Bush.

In one of his first official actions, President Barack Obama on Wednesday unveiled plans to strengthen the Freedom of Information Act, a key open-records law used by journalists and interest groups to track government activities.

“The way to make government accountable is make it transparent so that the American people can know exactly what decisions are being made, how they’re being made, and whether their interests are being well served,” he said while welcoming senior staff to the White House.

Obama has instructed staff members to err on the side of those seeking information in interpreting Freedom of Information laws.

This from the dickless wonder that still – STILL!!!  – hasn’t produced a valid birth certificate proving that he’s a natural born United States Citizen, and thus eligible to even be where he is today.

PotKettleBlack™ much, Obambi, you dumb little testicularly-challenged fuckwit?

And you bastards in Al-Obambi might wanna think twice about trying to hold President Bush criminally responsible for protecting us all these years.

You leftist bastards might not like how we react to something like that.


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