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Hey!  What’s up with this?

I thought the Ayatollah Obambi was going to change  the way Bush’s War Machine™ did things!  I thought we were going to fix our image abroad, like Jugears McHopenchange said  we were going to do!



When are we going to see Code Pink march in protest, hm?  When is Cindy Shitcan, the Anti-War Whore™ going to set up a tent city in from of the White House and demand an audience with His Royal Highness?  When are we going to hear from CAIR and Iraq Veterans Against the War, hmmmmmmmm???

MERLIN:  Don’t hold your breath, m’liege.

VENOMOUS:  I never do, Wizard.  That’s what I’ve got you for.

MERLIN:  (eep!)

Wizard does have a point, though.  Five’ll get you ten we never hear a peep from the anti-war chickenshit brigades.

It’s their  missles and their  drones now, y’see, and their Messiah can’t possibly  do anything wrong…now can he? 


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