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You try showing me up like you did Nic Harris, Timmi Tebow, you fucking little pansy-assed pussy, I’m going after your knees the rest of the game.

In fact, it’d please me no end if every SEC defensive coordinator did just that next year.


[Scene:  aboard Pegasus.  Lord Darth Venomous is in his luxurious command chair…]


[…uh, Captain Korrioth’s luxurious command chair…?]

KORRIOTH:  Well, technically, it is my  ship.

[...uh, Admiral?]

VENOMOUS:  Yes, Allan-a…uh, Al.  It’s his ship.  Which reminds me, Captain – isn’t K’tinghe finished with my flagship yet???

KORRIOTH:  Two more weeks, m’Lord.  He’s having trouble with the new particle disruptors – they keep blowing things up.

VENOMOUS:  Send him a subspace message telling him playtime’s over.  He can go blow things up on his own time.

KORRIOTH:  Yes, my lord.

VENOMOUS:  And speaking of subspace messages – anything yet, McManx?

T-BONE MCMANX:  Still no word from Eastern Intelligence, sir.  I’d imagine they’ve had long enough to notify us, but that’s just me.

VENOMOUS:  (nods) Very well, McManx, you may put that project on the back burner for now.

T-BONE MCMANX:  Yes, m’lord.

Denizens, it’s not out of the realm (no pun intended) of possibility that my presents to Prince Spatula II got thrown away upon receipt – but unlike previous years, they were not  returned.

Therefore, against my better judgement (at least, when dealing with these  people), I’m going to believe the best and give Steffi the Doublewide the benefit of the doubt, and believe that she allowed him to have my Christmas presents to him this year.

Thank you, Stephanie.  I trust he’s enjoying them.


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