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Believe it or not, I don’t have a dog in this fight.

I have reasons to hate both the Steelers & Cardinals, seeing as how both of them beat the C’girlz this year.  I s’pose I lean a little away from Pittsburgh getting that sixth Lombardi Trophy, but it’s eventually gonna happen, whether or not they win today.

But truth be told, I like a coaches like Ken Whisenhunt & Mike Tomlin – they’re both no-nonsense, gritty coaches who won’t take shit off anyone.  Kinda like what I wish we had here.

And I like both Benny Roethelisberger & Kurt Warner, though I want to see Warner get the second ring of which the New England Pansies (and the fucking zebras) denied him five years ago.

But I really don’t have a preference for who wins.  Except…

That little pussy the Ayatollah Obambi is pulling for the Steelers.

Go Cards.


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