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Denizens, I think I’m beginning to see what Dubya meant when he accused the Demoscum of “fuzzy math”.

First, of course, it was the Ayatollah Obambi with his crack about there being at least “57 states” – not counting, of course, Alaska & Hawaii and the “one left to go” he’d previously mentioned.

But now, in the short span of two short weeks, the Al-Obambi economy – already a failed bit to start with – has gotten exponentially worse, because we’ve gained two hundred million  (200,000,000 – or a 2 with 8 zeros behind it for those of you in the Church of the SubTarded) citizens in those two weeks.

San Fran Nan Piglousi said so.

The economy may be bad, but if you listen to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, it’s worse than is even statistically possible.

While answering a recent question about the speed of passing an economic recovery package, the California Democrat stated, “500 million Americans lose their jobs. I don’t think we can go fast enough to stop that.”

Obviously, Pelosi misspoke, as the total population of the United States is only about 305 million.

Well, duh.  I  coulda told you that.

But it does  kinda put the lie to that tired old meme about the US electorate having chosen the “smartest man (or woman, for that matter) in the room”, now, doesn’t it?


That the number of jobless people EACH MONTH there are going to be here in the US if “Teh One’s” Porkulus bill isn’t passed. So sayeth the oh-so wise and intelligent Nancy Piglousy.

Here’s the link to the video from Drudge. {just too darn lazy today to embed it here}

Glenn Beck has his take on this. Rush is on vacation this week, but I would imagine given that the guest host is Mark Steyn, he’ll have a spot on this as well.

If the Demoscum were smart (which we know is debatable even on a good day) they’d can this “talking head”. But in the mean time, we all get ANOTHER good laugh at her screw-up.



Comment of the Month™ comes from the beautiful & talented Michelle, who, in pondering Geithner, then D’asshole and she who preceded him, this one named Killifer, asked the question:

And where’s Vice President Joe Biden to wag his finger at their lack of patriotism?

All together now – 3…2…1…


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