Welcome to the Realm™ - Version 5.0...

[SCENE:  Realm™ spacedock.  ISS Pegasus  has just returned from a shakedown voyage to test its new warp core.

In the bay, 750 kellicams off the port bow sits the Realm’s™ newest vessel and soon-to-be flagship, Titanic.]

Yeah, I’ve got a certain flair for the foreboding.  Sue me. 

[On the bridge of Pegasus, Admiral Darth Venomous is admiring the Kahless-class Dreadnaught as it fills the forward viewscreen]

VENOMOUS:  As Kirk once said, “My friends, the great experiment”.

MERLIN:  One hopes this vessel fares better than her namesake.

VENOMOUS:  It should, Wizard.  There are no icebergs where we’re taking her.

KORRIOTH:  So you’re saying we’re not going hunting for Algore?


[Suddenly, the ship rocks violently as the lights wink out.  The red-alert klaxon can be heard going off in the background.]

KORRIOTH:  What the f…?!?!

VENOMOUS (towards intercom:  Engineering!  Ozy, what’s going on down there…?!  [No answer.]  OZY!!!!  Korrioth, get down there and–

OZY MCCOOL (over intercom):  Engineering to Bridge!  We’ve got containment field failure down here!  All the power couplings have blown and I have coolant leak everywhere!!!  I estimate three-and-a-half minutes until a warp core breach!!!

VENOMOUS:  Shit!  RED ALERT!!!  All hands to escape pods!!  ABANDON SHIP!!!

(To be continued…)


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