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Is coming from who???

Darth, I know you’re probably going to start your twitching (if you haven’t already)….so be warned.

None other than Texas governor Rick Perry, said so here.

Gov. Rick Perry has just designated two issues as emergencies for the Legislature: Abolishing sanctuary cities in Texas and protecting private property rights in eminent domain cases.

I see someone has been trying to clue in Mr. Governor about that “WE THE PEOPLE” tidbit that’s been going around for oh gee….something like 230+ years now. Darth, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is just a start and that it’s ONLY a start. About as obvious of a start as Korrioth’s bouldered and creviced forehead, wouldn’t you say???

KORRIOTH: You realize I’ve killed for much less than that General?

SG RAYEGUN: Really??? Gosh I never knew you were so tender-hearted and puppy-like Korrioth!!!!

KORRIOTH: … {Sorry folks, we’ve had to edit redact spin depoliticize Korrioth’s response. Once his reply has cleared our editors censors spinmeisters translators we’ll be sure to publicize it RSN mkay?!!}

Anyways…..if you take the time to read some of the comments that have been posted in the Statesman article you’ll get a good laugh at the progressives in and around Austin trying to bash each other.  It’s really kind of funny. 

Until you realize these people have nary a CLUE. 

What is the old cliché?  Ah yes, ignorance is bliss.

And that’s just what the progressives have been thinking WE THE PEOPLE are for the past hundred years or so.  Ain’t it nice to build that brick wall and watch them ram right into it every time?



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