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Let’s hear it for the TCU Horne Frogs!!!

Yeah, “Horne Frogs”.&#160 No D.

Arlington Heights 26, at Azle 16

#14 TCU 48, at Baylor 50

at #1 Oklahoma 47, Tulsa 14

at #10 Nebraska 40, Tenn-Chattanooga 7

Dallas 3, at Miami 17 (Pre-season)

Heights put the defensive clamps on Azle in the second half and rallied for two fourth-quarter touchdowns after trailing by three at the half.

OU appears to have found its running back – and it isn’t Roy Finch.

Dominique Whaley shredded Tulsa’s defense for 131 yards on only 18 carries, and Landry Jones was 35-47-375 as the Sooners rolled.&#160 Ryan Broyles had a monster night, as well, catching 14 balls for 158 yards.

The option is back at Nebraska.

The Cornhuskers have a new offensive coordinator, Tim Beck.&#160 And he’s finally&#160 listened to everyone – yours truly included – who’ve been screaming for a renunciation of the West Coast Clusterfuck Offense, and a return to Cornhusker smashmouth football.

To wit:&#160 First Cornhusker play from scrimmage – a fullback dive.

Old-school Nebraska fans surely loved Beck’s first call of the game. Tyler Legate’s 1-yard run marked the first time a fullback had carried the ball for Nebraska since 2004.

But make no mistake, this offense is built around Martinez’s strengths as a runner. He carried 19 times, which might be a bit more than ideal for a quarterback the Huskers desperately need to keep healthy.

Maybe.&#160 But just like Eric Crouch, and Turner Gill before him, a prototypical Nebraska offense revolves around a quarterback and a ground-and-pound running game.&#160 Which Nebraska seems to once again possess.

Jared Crick had a good game for the Blackshirt defense, tipping a pass for an interception and getting a couple sacks.

It was the last game of the preseason for the Cowgirlz, and they all&#160 played like it.&#160 Meaning, they all gave a half-assed effort, such that it’s not even really worth chronicling here.

The good thing is that, even though designated tub-o’-lard Montrae Holland made the final 53-man roster, he was cut the next day in favor of former Warshington Deadskin Derrick Dockery.

Thank Cthulu.

There are all manner of things I could blame for that travesty Friday night – and I’d have a good point for them all.

I could blame the shitty officiating.&#160 Baylor’s first touchdown – that “lateral” to the wideout, who then threw the TD pass?&#160 That “lateral” wasn’t. The first receiver caught it, then took three steps back&#160 to make it look like it had been a backward pass.&#160 A competent&#160 officiating crew would have caught it, and flagged it.&#160 It wasn’t.&#160 (That’s just one example – I have others.)

I could blame Ross Evans, who missed not one, but two&#160 field goal attempts, plus half-assed a PAT attempt, such that it got blocked.&#160 That’s seven points right there that he left on the field, proving yet again that he’s not the answer at kicker for the Frogs, and never will be.&#160 Congratulations, Evans – once again, your crappy kicking has cost us a shot at the BCS.

I could blame the Bear offensive line, which held TCU all bloody night long.&#160 But that would go back to the officiating, wouldn’t it?

But the fact of the matter is that none of the above would have mattered, had TCU’s secondary been at least halfway decent.

Denizens, do you guys remember how I always used to flat-out roast former TCU corner Quincy “Toast” Butler, for forever being completely incapable of covering an opposing wideout?&#160 (Here’s an example for those of you who may not remember.)

Well, now think of five&#160 Quincy Butlers comprising the Frog secondary.

Widdle Roberta Griffy did.&#160 And, once (s)he figured it out, it was bombs away.&#160 Six touchdown passes.&#160 Six..&#160 TCU’s secondary hasn’t given up that many TD throws since David Klingler threw seven for UHouston in 1990.

Patterson had best get that secondary under control, and fast.&#160 Air Force, though a primarily ground attack, will&#160 attempt to exploit those DBs…to say nothing about SMU, BigamY U…Smurf Turf BS State…

Oh, in the meantime, Year Two of the Turner Gill era started with a win, at least, 42-24 over (cough) McNeese State.&#160 And Bucky destroyed UNLV 51-17.

Turner, let’s see if you can go 2-0.

This week:&#160 3-1 (the Cowboy pre-season game doesn’t count).&#160 Overall:&#160 3-1.

The PFW will return Thursday when we’ll mourn the passing of an NFL legend, and declare a Guaranteed Win Night&#153 for one of my teams.


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