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Looks like Malicious Malkin is having a little trouble handling the flak she’s rightly getting for her continuous kvetching about Rick Perry.

(UPDATE:  You might be thinking that it’s no big deal that ol’ Malicious comments in her own thread.  Unless you’ve been reading her for a while, and realize that she hardly ever  comments in her threads, much less leaves a second  one – like this was.)

In response to this comment

On September 15th, 2011 at 4:18 pm, theporch said:

I have been reading Michelle’s site for several years now. Seems like she has nothing good to say about any of the Republicans running for office. It seems she is wanting to ensure that obummer gets reelected in 2012. I have in the past, almost exclusively agreed with Michelle but something has changed. She seems to have changed. I have come to the conclusions that she has become very bitter. Sorry Michelle.

…ol’ Malicious bleated the following:

Where do you see “bitterness” in the post above?

It’s all over the fucking post, Malicious, and if you could see what you’ve become from the standpoint of…say…eight months ago, when your little cousin Marizela disappeared…you’d be shocked.  Hell, I’m surprised you haven’t yet accused Rick Perry of having been complicit in that disappearance.

But that’s coming, I’m sure.  Give it time.

I made a carefully thought out argument against appeals to emotion as a governing tactic, while at the same time acknowledging that we all have personal stories about the ravages of cancer.

No, you didn’t.  You as much as said, “Hey, lookit me, Rick!  I can ante up with the human interest story, too!!!  And at least I  didn’t try to force Gardasil down my  brother-in-law’s or best friend’s throat, you Hitleresque monster!!!!!1!!ONE!!!1!!ELEVENTYTHOUSANDTEEN!!!!!1!~

As for detecting some kind of “bitter” tone on my blog:

Yeah, skank – “bitter”.  As in, you hate Rick Perry, you’ve shown  you hate him, he’s the only Republican candidate you photoshopped, after  you ripped Newsweek’s Tina Brown a new one for doing the same thing to your honeygirl Michelle “When’d Elvis die again?” Bachmann, and you barely touched on yet another stupid-assed comment she made about Gardasil & mental retardation (h/t Misha).

In fact, you haven’t treated any of the other  GOP candidates that way – oh, but fucking hell no, there’s not one shred of bitterness  there, is there?

I invest considerable research and time into every post, providing background links and citations and striving to be as honest, fair, and thorough as I can be. I try to give as much credit as is due to others. I provide a diverse mix of topics every day of the week.


Bull.  Fucking.  Shit.

Pure, unadulterated, 100%, non-biodegradable bullshit.

You decided early on that you hated Rick Perry, and have done nothing but provide “background links and citations” to support your festering hatred of him.

You were even pointed to a site that gave an even-handed analysis of what people were saying about Perry – but instead of giving any thoughtful consideration thereto, evaluating it for what it was and giving a heads-up-and-thanks to the author for going to all the trouble to do his  research, your  “honest, fair and through as I can be” response to it was this.

Nonsense. Where does that post “debunk” Perry’s trampling of the deliberative process, human shield demagoguery, any of the FACTS included in my column about fed CDC chairman’s own opposition to mandating Gardasil for school enrollment, key difference between communicable diseases like measles vs. STDS, or the disingenuousness of Perry’s so-called walkbacks.

That post doesn’t “debunk.” It makes excuses.

You haven’t been nearly  as “honest, fair and thorough” with Herman Cain, your honeygirl Bachmann, Ron the Paultard, Mittens Romney, Timmeh Pawlenty (of shit), or any of the other  Republican candidates.

Or, for that matter, candidate wannabes.  I’m still waiting for your hit piece on Sarah Palin and your photoshop of Donald Trump.

Guess I shouldn’t hold my breath, should I?

I mix serious posts with fun posts, timely topical news with cultural commentary, original reporting and aggregation.

No, you pretty much mix in some criticism of Bambi and snark about Moo-chelle the First Wookiiee with all your screeching about Rick Perry.

In fact, about the only humor on your half-assed electronic rag nowadays comes from…

Guest blogger Doug Powers adds stimulating and entertaining contributions while holding down a full time job with a family.

And here comes the straw blogger, right on time.

Really, Malicious, what was the point about even mentioning him, anyway?  What’s he got to do with your abject hatred of Rick Perry?  That is  what all your gaseous, nauseous bloviating has been about, isn’t it?

If all you want is GOP pep rallies, I invite you in the most non-bitter way possible, to please go somewhere else.

Y’know, I seem to remember some other blogger saying roughly the same thing.  What was his name again…Chavo…Chili…Chan…Chuckles…

Ah, yes!  Charles “Chuckles” Johnson, the guy that ran Little Green Snotballs into the ground.  You remember Chuckles, don’t you, Malicious?  How he started out as one of us, right after 9/11 – then, slowly, gradually came to the point where the conservative movement was anathema to him?

Where he turned on us, and started banning people left & right, ’til it was only him, Sharmuta, Kilgore Trout and a handful of retarded, liberal hangers-on?

That’s where you’re headed, Malicious.  When Perry gets the nomination, I fully expect anyone who says a decent thing about him on that rag of yours will find him/herself bounced in short order.

And I can’t say I’ll be terribly surprised.  That’s what happens when a self-important bimboid becomes consumed with irresponsible, irrational hatred.

Enjoy the screaming fit you have over President Perry, Malicious.  We conservatives will be laughing our asses off – all the way to the White House.


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