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I get the occasional question about what I like to watch on TV.

And it’s always the stock answer:  “Sports, primarily football & hockey, the occasional Star Trek re-run, stuff like that”.

Between the phenomonon of so-called “reality tv” and the abject bullshit they’re trotting out there as episodic television now, it’ll stay that way, too.

NBC’s popular prime-time program “Medium” shocked viewers last night as the main male character asks his wife if she’s searching for a “thicker, longer penis.”

The exchange came 19 minutes into yesterday’s show as the married couple – played by Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber – talked in their bedroom, a typical setting for the two characters in the program.

During last night’s episode, entitled “I Married a Mind Reader,” Joe Dubois walks into the bedroom late at night as his wife, Allison, a medium who helps law enforcement solve crimes, is sitting at a computer.

Joe: Whatcha lookin’ for at this hour of the night? Drugs from Canada? A fast and convenient way out of credit card debt? A thicker, longer penis?

Allison: Oh! (she chuckles)

Allison is searching for information on the Internet about an actor in an old TV program about whom she had had a dream. The penis comment was not relevant to the plot of the show.

And the crap they’re putting out nowadays is not relavant to my life, which is why I don’t watch it.  And then the suits at the three major networks – oh, okay, we’ll count NBC, too – wring their hands in angst and wonder why they’re losing viewership.

Go read the rest.  I have to go resist the urge to gag…


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