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As I recall, I promised you here a 2006 Year In Review™.

So, here goes:

Year sucked.  Except for the last three months, from a personal standpoint.

Jorge Arbusto, El Weeniedente™ (credit:  Emperor Misha) governed like a Demoscum.  Electorate told him, “Oh, so you like  Demoscum???”, and gave him more to play with.

Area sports teams sucked all year long.  Except for TCU’s Horned Frogs (Riff Ram Bah Zoo).

Lost a lot of famous people.  Don’t feel like going back and cataloguing them all.

Dow increased in value again.  Economy rolling along.  Demoscum furious.

Met girl.  Promoted to girlfriend.  (Future promotions follow, but that’s for the YIR 2007.)

Texas Blogfest 2006 was qualified success (good food, good company with the Blown-Eyed Blodgers, good shooting, just not enough Blogfesters there).

End of review.  So it’s a little late.  Bite me Sue me.


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