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Okay, boyz & girlz, it’s time once again to play His Rudeness’ 17th-favorite game, “Rip A New One For The Jackass Who Posted A Comment In An Old Thread”!!!  (And no, I still haven’t found the list of the first 16.)

Today’s first contestant is a lame-assed loser from Corvallis, Oregon named “Ralphus”, who…

OZY MCCOOL:  Sounds like vomiting to me.

MERLIN:  Hell, if you spent your whole life in all that patchouli, you’d vomit too.

KORRIOTH:  Can he help it if all he’s got up there are the Portland TrailBlazers?

LSIK&T:  Point.

…who commented in this entry thusly:

They call it CFPA, but it’s quite obviously NAISM, you stupid fuck.



LSIK&T:  I think he might be referring to the Christian Falangist Party of America or somesuch.  I don’t know what  the doucherifle means by NAISM.

KORRIOTH:  Hmmm.  A Christian Right political party…pro-life, anti-gun control, anti-heterophobe PDA…

OZY MCCOOL:  Hey, let’s annex ‘em!

MERLIN:  I thought this guy was trying to insult you…?

LSIK&T:  (shrugs) Have you ever known a liberal to do anything  right?

MERLIN:  Point.

KORRIOTH:  Didn’t you just rip the Empire’s tech wizard for using Wikipedia?

LSIK&T:  Yeah, but at least I used Yahoo! first.  They didn’t have much.

Not that being a Repugnantcan is that far from it at it’s core, but at least most ‘Pug are smart enough to hide it better. Just look at the barely hidden swastika, dipshit.

OZY MCCOOL:  I smell a violation of Godwin’s Law here.

LSIK&T:  Trust me, McCool – that’s not a violation of any law you’re smelling.

MERLIN:  Great Honkin’ Cthulu™, what did he have for lunch that day?  A garlic-onion-patchouli casserole?

KORRIOTH:  I think it smells rather nice, myself.

LSIK&T:  You would.

I stumbled onto this site as well, and after your comment and link, as an American, I see that I am in enemy territory.

OZY MCCOOL:  So now Oregon’s “enemy territory”?

MERLIN:  Given the half-assed excuse-for-government they’ve got up there, that’s the first thing he’s gotten right all day.

KORRIOTH:  Government of the pansy-assed, by the pansy-assed, for the pansy-assed?

LSIK&T:  Give the Klingon a prize.

Do the world and off youself. Take some of you ilk with you. Hope you like it warm, because you’ll be spending quite a bit of time in hell.

Hey, vomit-boy, s’pose you come out from behind your daddy’s hoop skirt, head on down here and give it a try, hm?  Let’s see what a bad-ass you really are, pussy.

KORRIOTH:  You don’t really expect him to come down and get his ass-whipping, do you?

LSIK&T:  Nah.  Hell, I can’t even get’m to come over from the next fuckin’ county – why would I expect a colostomy-bag from Oregon to make it down?


NEXT:  Part II of this little game.


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