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Well, Denizens, it’s been two years now, and the pussy still hasn’t shown up.

That’s right, sportz fanz.  The Right Douchebag Reverend of the Church of the SubTarded, Michael “Mykki Chickenshit” Cortese, late of Alexandria, VA (or was it Arlington, VA?  We still  don’t know), was called out for his ripping of those of the Christian faith, calling them “cowards”, invited to spew his bullshit to my face – and he’s never showed.

He bitched long & loud about my living in a gated community, whereupon I moved to a complex that has no such gate – and he never showed.

He posted videos of himself playing with his inflatable dolls – dolls that couldn’t fight back – but he never grew large enough balls to show up on my doorstep.

He posted on Slashdick and everywhere else that liberal pussies congregate – but neither he nor any of his needledick-sucking sycophants ever showed up.

He, through his sockpuppet “Von Vockerman”, offered a meager $66 to “reimburse” me for a trip to Tennessee for a supposed “showdown” (we’ll forget for the moment that it costs a helluva lot more than $66 to go to Tennessee, never mind coming home) – then never sent the money (the guess from here is that he never planned on showing up, either).

Two years after bleating to the world what a hot shit you think you are, Cortese, you’re still a fucking douchebag content to hide behind the skirt of that skank to which you’re married (or are you just shacking up like the rest of the ’60s hippies rejects?).  You’re nothing but a son-of-a-crack-whore-bitch who doesn’t have the balls to back up his big talk.  Nothing but a huge pussy.

But then again, I suppose you have your reasons for not coming down.  It would,  after all, be a terrible shock to the regulars of the Alexandria (Arlington?) bathhouses if you were rendered ball-less and could no longer “service” them.

ESAD, Cortese, you fucking limp-wristed coward.  Do the world a favor, shove that M-1 of yours up your piehole and pull the trigger.

Assuming you haven’t somehow managed to break it, maybe there won’t be too  much of a mess.


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