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As stated last night, I did go to the Dallas Tea Party.

Didn’t really stay all that long, though – and 25% of the time I was there was spent working on a meatball sub from Subway.

In fact, if you want a more comprehensive (not much more, but he’s at least got multimedia) idea of some of the happenings, go visit His Randomness&#153 over at Random Numbers.

For my part, I was pleased with the crowd and their enthusiasm.&#160 And the couple of speakers I heard were okay.&#160 Not awe-inspiring, but they didn’t embarrass themselves, either.

My only problem with the whole soirée was the emcee – Mark Davis, who can be heard on WBAP AM 820 weekdays from 8:30 – 11:00 and has a blog here.

Mark Davis, in my view, is not the conservative he claims to be.&#160 He’s way too damned cordial to B. HUSSEIN!!!&#160 Obambi and the absolute fools&#160 who voted for him (be they black, white or polka dot) for my tastes:

Q: But how do you square that with the fact that this is not a presidency you wanted to see happen?

A: I’m sure I will spend ample time opposing various Obama administration initiatives. But I know tomorrow that I will see the faces of black people of a certain age who were not allowed to drink from the same water fountains that my parents did. While Barack Obama is not descended from slaves, his wife is. Her ancestors were chattel in the country she will now serve as First Lady. Only the coldest heart is unmoved by this.

Guess I’ve a cold-assed heart, then.&#160 Because I am most certainly not&#160 moved by any socialist’s ascendancy to the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania – I don’t give a royal shit what&#160 color he is.&#160 And add to that the circumstances surrounding the integrity of the election, plus&#160 the fact that Jugears McHopenchange still&#160 hasn’t proven his Constitutional fitness for the office, and the only thing it all moves me to do is retch.

Davis called this “indeed further evidence of the greatness and goodness that is America.”&#160 I call it evidence that America’s been dumbed down to the point of damnfoolishness.

In addition to that, Davis isn’t as pro-life as he claims to be – if you listened to him during the Terri Schaivo outrage, you found out that he came down on the side of Mikey Shitstain when it came to the Republicans in Congress attempting to save Terri’s life.

If that’s&#160 conservatism, make me a liberal.&#160 If there was ever a time for an American congress to work to save the life of an American citizen, it was then.&#160 If there was ever a time for Davis to be on the side of life, it was then – and he wussed out.

So anyway – it’s bad enough that the Tea Party had to put up with him as emcee.&#160 Now plan on having a pair of long-lasting earmuffs – because Davis flat-out doesn’t know when to shut up.&#160 Once he gets started, it’s tangent after tangent after aside after aside after…well, you get the idea.

But the Tea Parties themselves were extremely enjoyable.&#160 Crunchie over at the Rott has a recap, as does the beautiful & talented Michelle and the aforementioned Random fella.

Now for the next step.&#160 Where do we go from here?


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