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Coach Stay-Puf should be damned  glad I don’t own the Cowgirls.  I’d’ve fired him before he got on the plane back to Dallas and made his fat ass walk home.

FW Arlington Heights 20, Arlington Seguin 13 (OT) (Bi-district)

at #4 Texas Christian 55, #16 Utah 28

at UBuffalo 24, Ohio 27

at Oklahoma 65, Texas A&M 10

Nebraska 31, at Kansas 17

Dallas 7, at Green Bay 0, Fucking Blind-assed Zebras Who Couldn’t Even Keep Track Of GB’s Challenges 17

How long has it been since Arlington Heights last won a playoff game?

Well, to give you an idea – I was there for it.  As a sophomore.  (Actually, that was the second 3-0 game we won that year, if memory serves. Thank goodness for Richard Rivera, who was our kicker at the time.)

As good an offense as Heights has had this season, it was the defense that won this game for the Jackets.

Heights held Seguin to 258 total yards, including 101 in the second half. And the defense turned even saltier with the Cougars in the red zone. Two stops, in particular, turned out crucial for the Yellow Jackets.

Seguin’s Sean Smith intercepted a pass late in the first half and returned the ball to Heights’ 27-yard line. A face-mask penalty on the Yellow Jackets put Seguin in prime scoring position at the 12.

But the Yellow Jackets stiffened, holding the Cougars and then blocking a 26-yard field-goal attempt to keep the score 13-7 Seguin at the half.

Late in the game, with Seguin (4-7) appearing poised to score the go-ahead touchdown, Heights’ Blake Gower intercepted a pass in the end zone to once again stifle the Cougars.

Heights gets Denton Ryan next, which will be a slightly tougher test.

Turner Gill could take a few pointers from his alma mater.  The Bulls simply have no defense this year.

UBuffalo found itself down 21-7 at the start of the second quarter before mounting a comeback, but a Matt Weller 47-yard FG with a minute-and-a-half left won the game for Ohio.  Zach Maynard, who sat out the first quarter for an unspecified violation of team rules, threw an interception on UBuffalo’s final drive to seal the Bulls’ fate.

UBuffalo will miss the bowl season this year after going to their first ever bowl game last year.

Where was this team against Nebraska?

Landry Jones rebounded from his five-pick disaster against the Cornhuskers to throw for 392 yards and five touchdowns against an outmatched Aggie defense.

Jones completed 24 of 39 passes as Oklahoma rolled up season highs in offense (640 yards) and points. Chris Brown, Ryan Broyles and Adron Tennell scored two touchdowns each for Oklahoma, which has won seven straight against the Aggies.

Jermie Calhoun (94 yards) and DeMarco Murray (84 yards) led a 243-yard ground attack.  Murray would also have five catches for 143 yards and two scores.

Where was this team against Oklahoma?

First play of the game, Niles Paul noticed the cornerback was playing up, so he took off up the sideline. Zac Lee saw Paul’s read, floated the ball just over the defender’s shoulder, right into his receiver’s hands for a 35-yard gain.

That conservative Nebraska offense, the one that drew so much criticism last week against Oklahoma? Out the window.

Zac Lee went 13-21-196 – most of that to Paul (154 yards on 4 catches), and Roy Helu, Jr. ran the ball 28 times for 156 yards as Nebraska rock-chalked the Jayhawks, rolling up 410 yards of total offense and avenging the 76-39 shellacking the Jayhawks laid on the Huskers two years ago.

Y’know, I think I could get used to those uniforms. 

TCU came out in new uniforms for the first time since 1998 – charcoal gray helmets with mesh-pattern print and the T-C-U emblazoned in white about half again larger than normal, with mesh-pattern-print pants to match, and a purple jersey with black sleeves and “Horned Frogs” emblazoned across the front.

The unis were courtesy of Nike, which had selected TCU as one of eleven programs to receive an experimental new-material uniform, and were somewhat reminiscent of the Oregon style of uni.

And if this is any indication of how they’ll play in ‘em, I wouldn’t give a shit if they looked like sackcloth & ashes.

TCU came out and made a statement on its first drive, shoving the ball right down the Utes’ collective throat on a nine-play, 87-yard drive that ended when Matthew Tucker took a handoff, cut back and raced untouched 41 yards into the end zone.

After an exchange of touchdowns by the Frogs and the Utes, TCU sent five to block a subsequent Utah punt.  Greg Burks would get the ball, and TCU recovered on the Utes’ 23; the Frogs would score four plays later.

Then the roof caved in on Utah.  The Utes went three-and-out, and Jeremy Kerley returned the Utah punt about 40 yards.  Andy Dalton would hit Jimmy Young down to the Utah 1, and two plays later Antoine Hicks would make it 28-7.  Then Tank Carder jumped on a Jordan Wynn-telegraphed pass and made it a pick-six from 15 yards out to put TCU up 35-7 with twelve-and-a-half minutes left in the first half.  Ball game.

Utah would fight valiently, scoring a touchdown each quarter to try and keep it close, but the Frogs had simply too much in their arsenal to let that happen on this night.

Dalton finished 17-29-207 and a touchdown, but as was the case with UNLV and San Diego State, it was the ground game which produced a 300-plus-yard effort, finishing the night with 342 yards on 51 attempts – nearly as many attempts as Utah had total plays.  Ed Wesley led the way with 137 yards and a score on 12 carries, and made a strong case to be the feature back in 2010.  Matthew Tucket & Joseph Turner would combine for 130 yards on 19 carries; Tucker had two touchdowns on the night.

The defense, despite giving up 28 points, was strong, as well.  They held Eddie Wide III, who had had six straight 100-yard games, to 25 yards on 14 carries, and sacked Wynn twice.

For the last year, after that 13-10 debacle up in Salt Lake City, I’ve been telling people that TCU kicked Utah’s ass up & down the field for all but one minute of that game, and had it not been for two missed field goals, we  would have been the ones laying the smackdown on Alabama in last year’s Sugar Bowl.

Guess you guys’ll believe me now, won’tcha?

The Cowgirls mailed this one in today.  Of this, there can be no doubt.

They lost a game to a pile of dogshit of a team.  For all their deferential comments afterwards about how Green Bay’s got a “good defense” and how they’re a “good football team” – the fact remains that this piece of crap group gave up 38 points to a previously-winless Tampa Bay mutt, and  was missing two of their defensive starters.  Whereupon, naturally, they came within a minute of shutting out what was supposedly one of the NFL’s better offenses.

And they did it by consistently winning third down on both sides of the ball.  On defense, the Cowgirls’ secondary allowed pitch-and-catch between Aaron Rodgers (who, so help me Cthulu, had I been there when he tried that fucking “Lambeau Leap”, I’d have followed him, taken out his knees and made damned sure he could never do that again) and an ever-aging group of receivers.  Apparently, the idea of jamming the receivers at the line and disrupting their timimg is completely foreign to this group of pansies.  Then again, Dave “5-11″ Campo is  the secondary coach, so I suppose it’s to be expected.

On offense, the line was its usual Swiss-cheese self, standing like statues while GB linebackers who look like fucking girls  (and yes, Clay Matthews, I’m looking at you) ran over and through them all day long in harassing Tony Romo (five sacks, one fumble, one interception).

Nor was the shitty officiating above reproach.  Only too eager to give the whiny-assed Pack whatever call they squeamed for, Widdle Jeffy Tripplett’s in-over-its-head crew couldn’t even remember how many challenges a team gets per game (they allowed Widdle Mikey McCarthy to take timeout in throwing a third challenge flag without penalizing him for even so much as delay of game).

Add it all up and it resulted in Coach Stay-Puf once again donning his “wha…? Wha’ happened?” face for the post-game.

I was all ready to invoke executive privilege and declare this a PFW, even after the UBuffalo loss, before Bum’s Fat-Assed Boy™ fucked it up for me again.  Damn, I can’t see him gotten rid of soon enough!

This week:  4-2.  Overall:  42-19.

The PFW will reconvene Wednesday, as we explore UBuffalo’s sudden allergy to Saturday games.


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