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In this thread over at the Rott, I said this concerning the GOP’s 2012 chances after the Friday night massacre:

The GOP is not “almost certain” to win it – not by anything even remotely resembling a longshot.

Thanks to Dubya and his supplicative homage to “new tone” (i.e, capitulating to damn near everything the Demoscum wanted in order to “get along” with them, much as his father tried (and failed) to do in his term), the GOP lost credibility in ’06 and ’08 – which is why they lost those elections and why the Ayatollah Obambi now occupies the White House. The American people saw how much Bush 43 liked to play with Demoscum, so they gave him more to play with.

2010 was the audition to get that credibility back – and, thanks to Friday night, they lost the audition. Maybe not with the Beltway pundits, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseam – but don’t be surprised if it turns out that it’s been completely lost with the American people.

If Washington maintains the status quo – and I think this likely – the GOP will not win in 2012. And Friday night will be a huge reason why.

Doug Powers relates that in the eight days run-up to the massacre, the deficit jumped $54.1 extra-extra-extra-large (that’s billion  for you pricks in the Church of the SubTarded).

Weepy John-Boy Boner graciously  gave us $38 XXXL in cuts.  You do the math.

Once again, my late friend Bob Plett was right about the Grand Old Pissants. 


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