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As we get started with the first full version of the Perfect Football Weekend&#153 (meaning, of course, that everyone plays), I direct your attention to the following NFL Network video:

Behold, the quintessential NY Football Douchbags fan:&#160 Whiny.&#160 Needy.&#160 Clingy.&#160 Sniveling.&#160 Depends upon others to get him what he wants.

Just like the New York Football Douchebags.&#160 The pusstards who got the fucking zebras (let&#160 ’em stay out on strike, for all I give a shit – maybe the calls will be better) to give them a safety on a pass that I promise&#160 will never again be called thusly in last year’s Subpar Bowl (no, that’s not a typo).

The Douchebags (as we segue into the actual football) who host the Dallas C’boys tonight in the first game of the NFL season.&#160 Probably the Douchebags’ll win – they’ll get the homer calls, and they hold on every fucking play, anyway, so I doubt Demarcus Ware even gets a sniff of E-Why (Wo)Manning.

But I’ll also repeat what I’ve been saying for years:&#160 they need to.&#160 I maintain that if you hit Noo Yawk’s Third-Favorite Quarterback&#153 a few times, Princess E-why will&#160 crumble.

Try it & see, Demarcus.

Friday night, my Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets renew an old, old rivalry when they take on R.L. Paschal’s Panthers at Ft. Worth’s Farrington Field.&#160 This’ll be Paschal’s first game, which is probably Heights’ only chance to squeak out a win.&#160 The Jackets have played Paschal well over the years – but that was when the talent cupboard wasn’t so bare.&#160 Paschal may finally end the losing streak here.

Saturday, Gary Patterson & his 20th-ranked TCU Horned Frogs christen the newly-rebuilt Amon G. Carter Stadium as they should feast well on the Division 1-AA Grambling State Tigers.&#160 Vegas doesn’t have a line on this game yet (I’ll edit this if/when it comes out), but hopefully TCU’s learned the lesson about having squash for a first meal.

Saturday evening, Florida A&M is the sacrificial lamb for Bob Stoops and fifth-ranked Oklahoma.&#160 Vegas is probably not even gonna rate this&#160 game.&#160 We should see a lot of Blake Bell and the rest of the second- and third-teamers – say, starting in the middle of the second quarter.

Later on that night, we’ll see what should be a pretty good matchup:&#160 Bo Pelini’s 16th-ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers at the LA Coliseum to take on what looks to be not a bad UCLA Bruins squad.&#160 The Cubbies hung half a hundred on Rice last week – and while it’s not uncommon to kick the Owls around like that, it’s usually only the good teams that score that much on ’em.

Vegas, however, has the Huskers as a 5-point road favorite, so maybe they’re still a little gun-shy.&#160 Or they think that Rick Neuheisel’s still coaching ’em, one or the other.

Bucky’s reward for scaring the daylights out of us all against Northern Iowa was a drop in the polls to number 13.&#160 They’ll be taking it out on the road versus Oregon State Saturday.&#160 OSU’s good, but I don’t think the Badgers are gonna be in that good a mood, so…

And finally on Saturday, Turner Gill’s Liberty Flames come back down in weight class when they host Norfolk State in their home opener.&#160 The Spartans laid a 24-0 shallacking on Virginia State Saturday, but if Liberty can play like they did against Wake Forest, I like their chances here.

We’re back Sunday or thereabouts with the recap.&#160 In the meantime…not sure where exactly you are, HDD, but you’re in the Realm’s thoughts & prayers, nevertheless.&#160 (Or are you hiding because you’re worried about what the Beavers might do to Bucky? (grin))


This week my brother begins round two of chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer. Round one was oral chemo and radiation treatment which he completed with few side effects. Round two is intravenous and he has been told that it is rougher on the body. Please keep him in your prayers.


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