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As Darth was mentioning here (or just look down one post), it seems that the Al-Obambi government is going to give in to Muslim Brotherhood controlled Egyptian government. You’ll likely not see this being talked about anywhere but here. Sure as HELL ain’t gonna see it on (P)MSNBC or the Clinton News Network. They’ll just blather on about how Their Savior is ahead in the polls, but conveniently forget to mention HOW they got those numbers (hint: they are BIASED in their polling).

But back to what I started on….let’s just say that the previous belief that the US government does not negotiate with terrorists has now officially been thrown out the window, under the bus, crapped on, and utterly OWS-ified. And if you HONESTLY believe (like the rest of the administration and lap-dog media) that the rioting that started on 9/11 ACTUALLY started in revolt of the YouTube video — have I got a sweet real estate deal that even includes a historical bridge. Price: dirt cheap! Heck, let’s just call it FREE even!!!!

Folks, this even has got those in the military seriously concerned about the “Bubba Effect” (don’t know that term — Google it, Bing it, use your preferred search vendor). It’s to the point where even the Southern HQ is making preparations. Crap is piling up at an alarming rate and the launchers are pointed directly at the proverbial ceiling fan. As Darth mentioned previously, the End Times seem to be getting closer. And FYI, in case you’re not up-to-speed on your study of Revelation….here’s a hint: The USA ain’t a player. AAMOF, we’re actually even a slave-nation for on of the other ten powerhouses. Don’t believe me, look it up for yourself.

If the State Dept. actually caves in and releases the sheikh (even if they stonewall until after the election), it’s going to be open season on more than just embassies and consulates over in the Middle East. Target #1 is going to be Israel, with us as an extremely close target #2. And with Obambi snubbing a head of state just to campaign on David Letterman, you can even wager that Israel ain’t real happy right now either.

Hey all you 52%-ers out there, this the “hope and change” you so vehemently voted for???

Bet not.

Here’s to praying that enough people have woken up and will do the right thing in November.



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