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After the Wellstone funeral debacle four years ago, you’d have thought the Demoscum would have learned their lesson and let funerals be funerals, rather than squealy pep rallies.

And then they hold the Coretta Scott King funeral, and reality slaps me in the face:  These are Demoscum.  They don’t have  the brains to learn.

Misha has hit the nail on the head about this, but I do want to add a couple of things:

Joey Lowrey…Chris Rock said it best about people like you.

You’re a liar (there were, in fact, WMDs in Iraq; we even found some of ‘em.  The rest, as we here in the Blogosphere have been screaming about for years, were airlifted to Syria), a scumbag, and just an all-around hate-filled thug.  Tied down to a fire-ant mound and covered in molasses would be a good start for you.

As for you,  Prince Peanutass, when you opened your  piehole, you demonstrated yet again why Ronaldus Magnus KICKED YOUR SORRY ASS 26 years ago.  Only a fuckhead who supports “elections” which install tyrants in office like Hugito “Little Hitler” Chavez in Venezuela, yet disses our own, fairly-held elections would go so far as to rip a sitting President on a day that was supposed  to honor a much-beloved woman – something that the President at least tried  to do.

George W. Bush has more class in his little toe than the entire lot of you who either ripped into him that day, or stood and cheered when others did.  You people are classless scum, and I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.

ESGBROFOAD, every last fucking one of you.


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