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There has to be a new virus or something going around that makes religious figures seem like they’re losing their marbles.  Maybe we’ll call it “Pat Robertson Syndrome”.

James Dobson is the latest religious-type person to have acquired this malady, having decided that maybe heterophobes ought to have special privileges after all.

Some fellow conservatives are criticizing Focus on the Family founder James Dobson for supporting proposed Colorado legislation to give same-sex couples limited legal protections.

Add this conservative to the list.  Damn, NewsMax – you say that like it’s a Bad Thing™.  What the Hell™ is wrong with opposing special privileges for sodomites?

The proposal would smooth the way for any two people who cannot marry to register for rights to hospital visits, making medical decisions for each other and property transfers. These rights are already available to two persons but they need lawyers to prepare paperwork.

It’s called “power of attorney”, and if this law was being introduced to reduce the legal rigamarole for normal  people – you know, guys who weren’t interested in fucking other guys in the ass??? – I might be on board with it.

But it’s clear that this bill is clearly an attempt at appeasing the heterophobes – and Dobson might realize that if he didn’t have his head up his ass.

Better to oppose the Demoscum POS bill than to offer up a watered-down version thereof.  Yes, the opposition might fail – but worse would be to compromise your priciples and being accused of “growing” by the Limp-wristed Lunatic Left™.

The bill, filed by a Republican opponent of gay rights, competes with a Democratic domestic partnership measure that covers gay couples and, critics say, would treat gay couples essentially the same as married couples under the law.

Dobson said he believes in equality under the law but doesn’t want to redefine marriage.

How many times do we have to tell you, Dobson, you Doddering Dimwitted Dumbass™?  There already is “equality under the law”.  I can’t marry a man, either, and I’d have to exercise my option to grant “power of attorney” to a trusted friend, as well.

The only difference is that I don’t wanna bang said trusted friend in the backside – unlike some of these limp-wristed asswipes, I’m not a pervert.

He told his daily radio audience, “I’m used to getting beaten from the radicals, from the left….I really find (it) very difficult to be attacked in such an unfair way from conservatives who claim to follow the cause of Christ.”

Yeah, well – we really find it difficult to hear you  actually sounding like a member of GLAAD.  Suggest you get used to it, if you’re going to start sounding like a sodomite-sympathizing horse’s ass.


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