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On this thread on the Rott, I opined that any woman who showed me  a doghouse like that would get this in response:

“You and what army?”

But the Comment Of The Day™ in that thread goes to LC gahayz, who submitted this:

Q: “Honey do these slacks make my ass look big?”
A: “No dear, it’s your ass makes them look too small. Why don’t you try buying clothes that fit?

Q: “Honey do these shoes make my feet look big?”
A: “No, your feet are big. Or is there some
other reason you’ve been wearing my sno-boots?”

Q: “Did you forget our Anniversary?”
A: “Damn right. Why would I want to remember the day that ruined my life?”

Q: “Why didn’t you get me anything for Mother’s Day.?”
A “You ain’t my mother.”

Q: “Why did’t you get me anything for my birthday?”
A “Because you’ve been 32 for the last five years.”

Q: “Why don’t you work more overtime?”
A: “I want the time with you.”
AA: “But we need the money.”

6 months later:
Q: “Why are you always at work?”
A: “You said we needed the money.”
AA: “But you’re never here *sob*”.

Q: “Why do you spend so much time at the “Wayside”?
A: “Because you’re here.”

Q: “Why don’t you ever take me fishing?”
A: “Because I go fishing for peace and quiet.”

Q: “Why don’t you love me anymore?”
A: “Because you’ve ruined my life, and I can’t stand the sight of you.”

Q: “Do you want a divorce?”
A: “Yes.”
a few days later
“I’m leaving you”

“I found someone else.”
“Poor bastard. Give him my regards, for saving my life.”

clump!clump!clump! *slam* *tinkle* *clatter*
“Jaysus, bitch, ya could’ve left the glass in the door.”


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