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What with the economy supposedly&#160 making something resembling a rebound – the resizing of the last quarter from +3.5% to +2.8% down to +2.2% notwithstanding – one suppoes the Demoscum are feeling Pretty Damned Good&#153 about themselves at the moment – at least, with respect to the economy.&#160 They’re even consider a second welfare package, anywhere from $50 billion to upwards of $150 billion.

They might want to take another look from that crow’s nest of this economic Titanic they’re sailing.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue warned the U.S. faces a double-dip recession because of the taxes and regulations under consideration by the Democratic Congress and President Barack Obama.

“Congress, the administration and states must recognize that our weak economy simply could not sustain all the new taxes, regulations and mandates now under consideration. It’s a sure-fire recipe for a double-dip recession, or worse,” Donohue said in a speech providing the Chamber’s outlook for 2010.

Rush has theorized that Al-Obambi is doing this in a deliberate attempt to destroy the American economy.&#160 And to look at things, there’s evidence that Jugears McHopenchange has not only seen the iceberg, but has ordered a collision course, full speed ahead.

Bambi should have a care about what he wishes for.&#160 He just might get it.


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