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For years, Bill Parcells has been tagged with the label “Football Genius”.  Sunday, Parcells proved that even geniuses can be too clever by half.

Arlington Heights 7, Western Hills 14 (OT)
TCU 49, New Mexico 28
Oklahoma 43, Kansas State 21
LSU 37, Mississippi State 7
Dallas 13, Oakland 19

As expected, Heights-Hills came down to overtime.  Hills scored in OT, Heights didn’t.  Duke Christian, if you only win one district game per year, it needs to be Western Hills.  Get with the program, bud.

As I recall, I predicted OU in a squeaker against K-State.  Gotta admit – I like those 22-point squeakers. (grin)

However, the story in Norman Saturday night wasn’t the game – it was what was happening about a couple hundred yards from the stadium.  An engineering student apparently committed suicide by blowing himself up.

I say “apparently” because while the police are calling it a suicide, a second bomb was found in a nearby courtyard.  An investigation continues.  The SpatulaGoddess has an interesting take thereupon.

LSU turned in a workmanlike effort in taking out its Tennessee frustrations out on MSU.  I imagine Bo Pelini was kicking ass and taking names this week in practice.

One could claim that the actual final score in Fort Worth Saturday night was Prevailing Southerly Breezes 63, TCU 14, New Mexico 0.

And one would’ve had a pretty strong case.  Out of the eleven touchdowns scored in the game, nine of them went to the north end zone.  As the two teams exchanged sides of the field, you could almost see momentum physically shift as if it were a weathervane.

TCU won the toss and elected to defer until the second half (as is their usual custom), choosing to take the wind in the first & fourth quarters.  And promptly went out on the strength of that wind and put a massive hurt on the Lobos, helped by two interceptions, one of which was made by the heretofore ripped-to-shreds Quincy “Toast” Butler.

(Memo to Butler:  You’re faster than you think, bud.  If you can just convince Patterson and Bump-ass to let you guys play bump-and-run, then learn how to really jam the receivers at the line, not only will you have solved your secondary problems, but you guys could stand a good chance of being first-round draftees in the NFL.  Quit playing tentatively and go kick ass.)

Jeff Ballard ran for two TDs in the quarter (part of six in which he would have a hand for the evening) in helping TCU roar to a 28-0 lead.

Then they switched sides, and the balloon deflated nearly as quickly.  New Mexico would score the next 28 points (two TDs in the second, two in the third) to tie the game.  TCU could manage just one first down during that entire sequence, and even had a punt blocked during the third quarter, leading to UNM’s third touchdown.

With the score tied at 28 and the natives restless, TCU got the ball on its 34 after a missed UNM field goal attempt and drove to the Lobo 38.  On 4th-and-1, Ballard dropped back, then lofted a semi-wounded duck in the direction of tight end Chad Andrus as he was being hit.  Andrus caught the ball and rumbled into the end zone for what turned out to be the game-winning touchdown.  TCU’s defense would solidify thereafter, intercepting Lobo QB Kole McKamey twice more and recovering a fumble.  Ballard would rush for two more touchdowns, accounting for the final margin.

Fact:  The Oakland Raiders’ secondary has been torched for over 300 yards per game in the first three games of the year.

Fact:  The Oakland Raiders possess two of the fattest defensive tackles in the league – Ted Washington and Warren “Thug” Sapp.  When they line up together, opposing running backs would generally have an easier time running through a brick wall.

Fact:  The Dallas Cowboys have the third-ranked passer in the NFL, and a corps of outstanding wide receivers.

Which is why, all these things taken together, Bill Parcells – the Football Coaching Genius™ – decided he would try to beat the Raiders yesterday by running the ball.

Julius Jones – 22-76, 3.5 average.  Tyson Thompson – 7-32, 4.6 average (better, but he also missed an assignment that nearly got Drew Bledsoe killed).  No rush went for more than 14 yards.  This is football according to our very own Coaching Genius™.

Even so, Dallas had a chance to win the game yesterday.  A 57-yard grab by Terry Glenn set the Cowboys up deep in Raider territory late in the 4th quarter.  But with 4th-and-4 from the Raider five, Bledsoe – with Jason Witten all alone in the end zone – went to the well once too often, and wound up bouncing a pass in to Terry Glenn with 1:49 left.  Bledsoe never even looked Witten’s way.

But hey – such is risk-free “safe” football under Bill Parcells.  Safe, risk-free, boring, losing  football.

Hey, Jerry Jones – have you enjoyed these last few years of shitty football?  I hope you have – I hope you have very much.  (Listeners of KTCK/1310 AM radio will understand the reference.)

The PFW will return Friday for another go-round.


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