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Wow.  Who knew that Bill Parcells is a Denizen? (chuckle)

Arlington Heights 23, Dunbar 17
TCU 28, Wyoming 14
Oklahoma 12, Texas 45
LSU 34, Vanderbilt 6
Dallas 33, Philthydelphia 10

Either Dunbar is better than I thought they were, or Arlington Heights isn’t that great this year.  Nevertheless, Coach Duke Christian keeps his job one more week, I guess.

As predicted, LSU was too much for Vandy, though the Tigers let them hang around for longer than they probably should’ve, although Bo Pelini – LSU’s defensive coordinator and the sole reason I’m following the Tigers this year in the first place – is doing his job quite admirably.

Bet Bob Stoops wishes he had Pelini back Right About Now™.

What a difference a year makes.  Oklahoma scored the same 12 points it scored last year, but…uh…well, at least I didn’t predict a shutout like I did last year. (grin)

Saturday’s OU-Texas game was as ugly as had been predicted, although the Sooners did  give the Shorthorns all that they wanted for at least a little while.  TU simply had too much firepower for a team that proved itself unable to stop TCU.

Speaking of TCU, it may be time to start believing in this team.

Certainly the Wyoming Cowboys do.  A team that had won its previous four games saw purple & white and suddenly couldn’t keep its hands on the ball.  The Cowboys committed seven turnovers – one an interception by the heretofore highly-criticized cornerback Quincy Butler (who I am guessing reads this blog, because he’s been halfway decent since I tore into him a couple weeks ago) – setting the Frogs up with a comfy 28-7 halftime lead, and they pretty much contained Wyoming from there.

Okay, who were you guys decked out in silver & blue yesterday at Texas Stadium?  And what have you done with the Cowboys?

Bill Parcells has been characterized in recent years as a coach who likes to play games conservatively, keep things close with his defense, and then win the game in the fourth quarter.  And indeed – that’s how the first four games have pretty much gone for the Cowboys this year.  Parcells even said this past week that his play-calling would likely remain conservative.

Memo to Andy Reid:  Suck-errrrrrrrrrrrrr…  (chortle)

Dallas stretched the field on four of its first five plays enroute to 17 first-quarter points, then spent the rest of the day righteously throttling Donna McNabb into a mini-temper tantrum and a perpetual scowl on the Beagle sideline. (In fact, Philly’s only touchdown came on a fumble return by Sheldon Brown.  Ergo, Dallas kept Donna McNabb and  Little Terri Owens out of the end zone – and when was the last time that  happened, hmmmmmm???)

Terry Glenn had two TD grabs for the ‘Boys, winding up with seven catches for 118; Jason Witten added 80 yards on seven catches of his own, and even little-used Lousaka Polite got into the act, doing his impersonation of Daryl Johnston and rumbling for a 12-yard touchdown.

Donna was sacked six times, led by Greg Ellis and Demarcus Ware, who got a sack for the third straight week.  All in all, a hellacious effort from a team that desperately couldn’t afford to lose a second division game this early in the season.

The PFW returns Friday for another go-round.


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