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I’d opine at length about the Harriet Miers nomination for the Soprano Supreme Court – but Misha beat me to the punch yet again.

I will say this, though:  We already know that she’s in favor of having an International Criminal Court, with all the resulting surrender of our national sovereignty that implies – and that she has no problem giving heterophobes the same rights as heterosexuals (and please, people, don’t insult my intelligence – we all know that the people who foisted this questionnaire on her wanted her to say, in effect, that it was okay for sodomites to marry, okay?).

Given these two items alone, I’m even more against this nominee than I was against Roberts.  And, given that far more qualified and ideologically satisfactory women,  let alone men, are out there for Bush to have nominated – then yes, count me in with those who feel betrayed yet again  by the Party of Stupid™.

Memo to Ken Mehlman:  I have no qualms with staying home, not only in ’06, but in ’08 as well.  Get that through your thick-assed head before it’s too late.

UPDATE:  Hmmm.  It appears as though one of our sources has some lines crossed.

The SpatulaGoddess brings to our attention that the document on which Worldnetdaily bases its article is merely a list of potential  agenda items, not a report in and of itself – and that any ABA member could put something on that list if they so desired.

Drilling down a little further, WND reports that

As a city councilwoman, Miers also said Dallas had a responsibility to pay for AIDS education and patient services. And she courted the support of the Lesbian/Gay Coalition of Dallas in her successful 1989 campaign

when in fact, the PDF of the form specifically shows that she did not  seek these heterophobes’ endorsement.

Would seem to be a little bit of New York Slime-ish reporting on the part of WND.  One hopes that’s the exception, rather than the rule.

Note that this doesn’t necessarily change my opinion of Harriet Miers.  I’d still rather see Janice Rogers Brown in that spot.

But when an error is respectfully  pointed out to me, I’ve no problem making a correction.  Some folks here still don’t seem to have figured that out just yet…


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