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(Memo to the rest of the Denizens:  “Um Yeah” has been “um-masked”.  Check the comments in the thread immediately below for clarification.  Thatisall™.)


Yes, Denizens, it’s time for something you’ve never seen out of this  blog before:  GRATUITOUS GUN PICS!!!

A Mossburg Persuader™ shotgun, 12 gauge, with pistol grip

A Smith & Wesson .38 Special revolver, concealed hammer.

A Springfield 1911 – A1, .45 ACP, military spec.

This oughta drive the GFW moonbats at Sherri’s positively apeshit.

(Thanks, kudos and major huzzahs to the Imperial Firearms Advisor for his advice on these acquisitions.  See you at the range, Kim.)


You guys had better be sitting down for this one.

The government ran a surplus last month.

No.  Seriously.  A twenty-one-billion (with a B)-dollar surplus.

(Donktard noggins exploding in 5…4…3…2… )

The federal government ran a $21 billion budget surplus last month, the best January showing in four years, as both spending and tax receipts set records for the month.

The Treasury Department said the government spent $209 billion last month, a record amount for January and up 7.9 percent from January 2005. Government tax receipts, however, also set a record for the month of $230 billion, up 13.7 percent from January 2005.

What ever  will the Demoscum do?????


I like this post.  I think I’m gonna adopt ‘em.

Tweaked, of course, to fit my own twisted personality.

UPDATE:  Except for Rule the First.  Fuck that.


After the Wellstone funeral debacle four years ago, you’d have thought the Demoscum would have learned their lesson and let funerals be funerals, rather than squealy pep rallies.

And then they hold the Coretta Scott King funeral, and reality slaps me in the face:  These are Demoscum.  They don’t have  the brains to learn.

Misha has hit the nail on the head about this, but I do want to add a couple of things:

Joey Lowrey…Chris Rock said it best about people like you.

You’re a liar (there were, in fact, WMDs in Iraq; we even found some of ‘em.  The rest, as we here in the Blogosphere have been screaming about for years, were airlifted to Syria), a scumbag, and just an all-around hate-filled thug.  Tied down to a fire-ant mound and covered in molasses would be a good start for you.

As for you,  Prince Peanutass, when you opened your  piehole, you demonstrated yet again why Ronaldus Magnus KICKED YOUR SORRY ASS 26 years ago.  Only a fuckhead who supports “elections” which install tyrants in office like Hugito “Little Hitler” Chavez in Venezuela, yet disses our own, fairly-held elections would go so far as to rip a sitting President on a day that was supposed  to honor a much-beloved woman – something that the President at least tried  to do.

George W. Bush has more class in his little toe than the entire lot of you who either ripped into him that day, or stood and cheered when others did.  You people are classless scum, and I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.

ESGBROFOAD, every last fucking one of you.


In an AIM chat recently concluded, LC MVK Merr hit the nail squarely on the head when he opined on the Moose-limb cartoon riots:

To think that chaos occurs because of cartoons it makes me wonder why some were concerned that our actions would create more terrorists and that Iraq is the reason for Bali and the like if they get into a mob riot at the sight of cartoons which were reverted and placed in the controversial spot by a Muslim, himself.

One wonders, indeed.  Does kinda beg the question, “Why all the resulting angst and hand-wringing over Abu Ghraib, et. al.?”

The ragheaded fucksticks are going to hate us anyway, and they don’t need a reason, other than the fact that we support Israel.  Time to stop pussyfooting around the goat-fuckers, stop giving a fat rat’s ass what they think and kick their collective ass.

And then we can draw some pictures of that.


It’s that time once again, Denizens.  Time to see which of Dallas’ liberal shitheads can make the biggest asses of them on the Letters to the Editor pages of the Dullest Moaning Snooze.

Today’s first contestant is a John Bianchi of nearby Wylie, who opines:

Re: “Signs of Intelligence,” by Stephen C. Meyer, Jan. 29 Points.

(Sorry guys – I wish I had access to the original letter, but I don’t.  Sue me.)

Mr. Meyer’s column points to the complexity of the bacterial cell flagellar motor as proof of intelligent design. Since it is irreducibly complex, the motor had to be created in toto since natural selection would not work.

Precisely.  And since the infinite number of monkeys still  haven’t written the complete works of Shakespeare, I’d say Mr. Meyer has a point.

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Yer prescribed treatment of all things Qu’ran can be found here, through the courtesy of Misha.


Denizens, today’s screamer can be found here.

Massive – and yes, I do mean massive  – spew warnings in effect.

In fact, don’t be surprised if you alternate between humming this little ditty & snickering over it all day long.

(Hat tip to the aforementioned Humble Devildog.)


Denizens, it was only a matter of time.  A matter of time until the spammers and mugus  of Nigeria got hold of my email and began to spam it like crazy, despite my best efforts.

So, in honor (?) thereof, it’s now time to rip one of these mugus  a new one…

Dear Sir/Madam,

Stopped clocks twice a day, pigs & acorns/truffles, etc…

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Awwwwww, aren’t the liberals cute & clever?  (That’s really all of which they’re capable nowadays, y’know).

Today’s episode of “Dumb-Assed Demoscum Ideas You Couldn’t Pay Us To Take Seriously” comes courtesy of the Rockhead Mountain Snooze.

Don’t want to have your phones tapped, your e-mails monitored, or your Google searches tracked by the National Security Agency?

Sign up for the “no spy list” – a creation of ProgressNow Action, a liberal internet group based in Colorado.

Or you could just…oh, I dunno…not have anything to do with Al-Qaida?  Seems that’d be simpler than making a total ass of oneself.

(Or in the Demoscum’s case, any more of an ass than they already are.)

“It’s like the no-call list,” said Michael Huttner, executive director for ProgressNow Action. “We’re looking to get people in every state to sign on.”

Based on the “no-call” list, in which people can sign up to stop telemarketers from calling them, the “no spy” list is an online petition which provides a way for individuals to voice their concerns about the domestic spying that President Bush has authorized the NSA to conduct to combat terrorism.

Y’know what, Mikey baby? (Gee, why is every assclown nowdays name “Michael”?)  Waddaya wanna bet that the feds’ll take your petition and slip it into good ol’ File 13 posthaste?

You know…the circular  one?

“We think that this story has legs and it’s not going away soon,” said Huttner.

You shitheads thought the Bush National Guard memos had “legs” and wasn’t “going away soon”, too, if memory serves.

That is, until the memos turned out to be forgeries.  Remember that?

“It’s not just the progressives and the Democrats, but also Libertarians and moderate Republicans who feel that private rights and civil liberties are being threatened by this administration.”

Ah yes.  The terrorist sympathizers, the pot-smoker wannabes and the terminally spineless.  All the idiots from all the villages.

Birds of a feather, after all.

Members of ProgressNow Action plan to take the names (or initials if people are paranoid about being identified) and their comments about the spying program to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will start holding hearings on NSA’s activities next week.

Where they will be graciously and most seriously accepted by staffers – just before the right-thinkers there explode in huge-assed guffaws of laughter.



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