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Denizens, I’m in the middle of a few things here, but a quick analysis of the coming primaries (S. Carolina for the Donks, Flori-duh for the GOP) reveals the following:

If Giuliani doesn’t win Florida, his campaign is done.&#160 (Same thing for the Huckster, though it’ll take a little longer for him to realize it.)

We’re down to Mormonboy and McZhamnesty for the GOP nomination.&#160 And that being the case, the party as we know it today is on the brink of implosion.

The Donks should be cheering more loudly about that, but they’re too busy with their Hilarious-Osama Obama infighting for their one collective brain cell to pay more attention thereto.&#160 Infighting which, I might hasten to point out, will come to a quick end if B. Hussein doesn’t win S. Carolina today.

Will update this as events warrant (read:&#160 once I find out the results in SC today).

UPDATE:&#160 Well, hold off on the Hilarious coronation – at least, for another week.

B. Hussein routed the Duchess 51-30 – that is, if current trends hold.&#160 (Edwards Silky Pony, as usual, finished third – and probably should go ahead and drop out.)

The black vote went 4-1 in favor of B. Hussein, which meant that Clintoon couldn’t even depend on the female vote there.&#160 Be interesting to see if that holds throughout the rest of the South.

Next stop:&#160 The Feb. 5 states, of which Tennessee is one (at least, Hilarious was headed there after the polls closed in SC).

We continue to watch & see…

Update the 2nd:&#160 Make it 55-27, B. Hussein.&#160 Even more interesting.


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