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Awright, who are you guys, and what did you do with the Dallas Cowgirlz?

Arlington Heights 48, Trimble Tech 0

#4 Texas Christian 41, at SMUT 24

#8 Oklahoma 31, at Cincinnati 29

at #6 Nebraska 17, S. Dakota St 3

at Kansas 42, New Mexico State 16

at #11 Wisconsin 70, Austin Peay 3

Dallas 27, at Houston 13

One first down and 15 yards.

A typical Trimble Tech drive?

Try the whole freakin’ night.

The Yellow Jackets held Fort Worth Trimble Tech to less than 20 yards of total offense Thursday night and forced two turnovers in a 48-0 victory at Farrington Field.

And that’s not the hell of it…at least if you’re the rest of District 4A-6.

Fort Worth Arlington Heights brought seven defensive starters back off last year’s team that won the school’s first playoff game in 30 years.

That’s pretty good. But coach Ged Kates said his defense is only improving, and that might not be good news for the rest of District 6-4A.

Uh oh. 

Story of Sooner-Bearcat was which teams’ mistakes would hurt them.

OU’s didn’t.  Cincy’s did.  Ball game.

Landry Jones threw a pick that the Cats’ offense turned into six when D.J. Woodz caught a 36-yard TD pass from Zach Collaros.  However, Woods also fumbled twice – once deep in Sooner territory, costing them points, then muffed a punt deep in their own end, setting up Landry Jones’ winning TD pass to Trey Millard.  The Sooners would withstand a late Cincy charge.

Jones:  36-51-370 (100 of those to Ryan Broyles on 10 catches).

I cannot imagine Bo Pelini is a very happy camper right now.  And this would be why.

Judging by the way it struggled in a 17-3 win over South Dakota State, No. 6 Nebraska might have celebrated that win at Washington a bit too much.

Rex Burkhead and Kyler Reed scored on consecutive series in the first half, but the Cornhuskers otherwise turned in an uninspired performance Saturday night against an FCS opponent getting a rare chance to play on the big stage of Memorial Stadium.

“I thought they outplayed us, they outhit us, they flew around with more passion than we did.”

Good thing it was a Division 1-AA team.

Martinez was underwhelming, at best – he passed for 140 yards on six-of-fourteen and carried 13 times for 75 yards, but also fumbled once and threw a couple picks.  Oog.  (Burkhead & Helu added 125 yards on 27 carries.)  The offense was also a pathetic 4-of-13 on 3rd down.

Expect Bo to not have much of a voice next week as he screams at his Huskers.

Fortunately, Wisconsin had no such trouble.

It got to be rather mundane.  Kick off to Peay, bury them inside their 15 or so, push them back anywhere from five to ten yards on their series, receive their punt, drive down & score, rinse, lather, repeat.

How bad was it?  James White, a freshman back, outgained John Clay, 11-145 to 15-118.  (That Clay, Tolzien, et. al, only played the first half might have had something to do with it.)  Nick Toon and Dave Gilreath were again out injured – not that it mattered.

Kansas got the expected squash against New Mexico State.

D.J. Beshears scored three touchdowns, including a 96-yard kickoff return, in the first half to propel Kansas to a 42-16 victory over the New Mexico State on Saturday night.

After Seth Smith’s 1-yard touchdown plunge for the Aggies (0-3) tied the score at 7-7, Beshears returned the ensuing kickoff, matching the eighth longest return ever for the Jayhawks (2-2).

Beshears, who was a defensive back last season as a freshman and began this season as a wide receiver, rushed for two touchdowns on carries of 10 and 7 yards, putting the Aggies down 21-7 at halftime.

And I think the hell of it was that State actually tied Kansas for a time.  Should tell you how far Turner has to go to rebuild this program.

Jordan Webb:  17-27-249 yards and a score; James Sims:  115 yards & 2 scores on 16 carries.

Speaking of uninspired play and unhappy campers…

How does  a 235-lb converted linebacker who has all the speed of my dear, sainted, dead  grandmother rack up 139 yards against what was supposedly one of the nation’s best run defenses?

It reminded me of five years ago, when DeMyron Martin used the zone-read offense to beat the hell out of the TCU line and backers.

Dalton had another so-so game Friday night – 14-26-174 with one score, but two picks…one of which led almost directly to a Shitland Pony touchdown.

It was that touchdown that put SMUT up by a field goal, 14-17.  Things were looking pretty bleak at that moment, and yours truly was wondering if this could have been a repeat of “attaboy/awshit”.

Enter Jeremy Kerley.

I used to think that Cory Rodgers was the best wideout in the Gary Patterson era.  But Kerley’s leaving Rodgers in the dust.  He took the ensuing kickoff and started weaving his way through Pony defenders and down the left sideline.  83 yards later, the Frogs were in business.  Three plays after that, Dalton found Bart Johnson on a slant to the post, and TCU had a lead they’d not relinquish.

SMUT followed up with a three-and-out, then TCU would take the ball and shove it down Peruna’s throat to ice the game.

Where’s this  team been all year?

Seriously, we saw things today we hadn’t seen in a while.  Roy Williams being a factor in the game.  A left tackle who neutralized the opposing defensive end – and did so without  committing a penalty.  A running game that didn’t get abandoned halfway through the first quarter.  Turnovers.  A shutdown defense.

Romo was 23-30-284, with two TDs – and no  picks, which was something else  we hadn’t seen in a while.  The aforementioned Roy Williams contributed three other catches in addition to the two he took to the house, for a total of 117 yards (he was the game’s leading receiver which – stop me if you’ve heard this before – was another  thing we hadn’t seen in some time).

Thanks to Doug Free, Houston’s All-Universe defensive end was credited with three QB hits – a misleading stat, really; you lay so much as a finger on the QB after he releases the ball and it counts – and nothing else.  Not a sack, not a tackle, not really even so much as a pressure (although I s’pose those “hits” might could count).

On defense, the ‘Boys held All-Galaxy wideout André Johnson to four catches for 64 yards – although part of that was due to him tweaking his ankle and missing part of the game.  Ariana Foster had 106 yards on 17 carries, but that was pretty much it.

I was all prepared to invoke Executive Privilege™ and declare a PFW due to this score:

UCLA 34, at #6 TU T-sip Shortd….uh, Shorties 12

…but now I don’t have to.  Schweet.

This week:  7-0.  Perfect Football Weekend achieved.  (1).  Overall:  23-4.

The PFW will return on Thursday as we go for two in a row.


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