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The acorn never falls far from the tree, does it?

In other words, if a Paul in Congress is involved…it’s usually full of shit.

It started with Truther Ron, who believed that GW Bush and/or the US gubmint was somehow involved in 9/11.&#160 Now comes the chip off the rotten block, Rand (RINO-Tea Party), who wants to abandon Israel.

Tea party-backed Republican Sen. Rand Paul favors cutting U.S. aid to Israel as part of a deficit-driven effort to slash government spending by $500 billion this year, drawing criticism from Democrats and Republicans who argue the U.S. must be unwavering in its support for the longtime Mideast ally.

The freshman Kentucky lawmaker unveiled his budget proposal this week that would make significant cuts in education, housing and energy while reducing money for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq by $16 billion. Paul’s plan also would cut some $20 billion in overseas aid, and he said he wants to eliminate the $3 billion the United States provides to Israel annually in foreign military assistance.

So widdle Randi Paul wants to turn our back on not only one of the (if not the) only Democratic nations in the Middle East, but on God’s chosen people.

Rand hasn’t brushed up on Genesis 12:3 much, has he?

Or maybe that’s the influence of Aqua Buddha talking.

“The overwhelming majority of Americans agree with Senator Paul — our current fiscal crisis makes it impossible to continue the spending policies of the past,” Paul spokesman Gary Howard said in a statement responding to the criticism.

Uh, Randi?&#160 Gary?&#160 No, we don’t.&#160 Contrary to your dumbassed opinion, the majority of this country still considers itself Christian (even if they’re as poor of practitioners as yours truly, here), and we understand how important Israel is in the overall scheme of things.

In other words, we have the Big Picture&#153, whereas you need to remove the blinders, perhaps.

“We simply cannot afford to give money away, even to our allies, with so much debt mounting on a daily basis.”

Turn our backs on God’s chosen, morons, and the debt will be the least of our worries.&#160 Not that it means much in the long run – America isn’t referenced in End Times scripture.&#160 I think I’ve mentioned that before…?


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