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Item:&#160 GoProud is a group of Republican heterophobes led by a little limp-wristed lickspittle name of Chris Barron.&#160 Barron is a typical militant heterophobe in that, if you disagree with him or his little half-assed, perverted organization, you are automatically a bigot.

“I think there’s a couple people in Heritage who, at the behest of Cleta Mitchell – who is just a nasty bigot … she got some of the people at Heritage early on fired up about this,” Barron says. “We tried very, very hard to smooth this over and to avoid any public fight with Heritage and then when Heritage came up with their excuse about how this wasn’t about GOProud – first of all, we knew it was, we knew it was six months ago – but we were willing to publicly let them.”

He puts on his “really, I’m a nice guy” face.

“Look, Heritage does a lot of good work, and I didn’t want – it looks terrible for them, and I didn’t want to have them humiliate themselves. But they’ve seemed hell-bent on it. Their story keeps changing and now we’re down to the truth, which is: It was about us. And they’ve lost donors. They’ve lost supporters.”

With a nod of agreement from LaSalvia, Barron concludes, “There’s a lot of people in the conservative movement who are looking very differently at the [Heritage Foundation].”

He’s singing the same tune when it comes to DeMint, who is joined by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) in claiming GOProud as part of his reason for staying away from this weekend’s conference.

Of those calling for the boycott, Barron says, “They’re all excited that Jim DeMint is boycotting. And that’s fantastic. I’m glad that he’s willing to be on the Island of Political Misfit Toys with [World Net Daily’s Joseph] Farah and the Concerned Women for America.”

LaSalvia eagerly notes, “Cleta Mitchell is his lawyer.”

Erick Erickson had something to say about that.

Cleta Mitchell is not just my friend and lawyer, she is one of the keystones of the conservative movement in Washington, D.C. When Sharron Angle’s campaign seemed off the rails right after the primary, it was Cleta who went in to help right the ship. It was Cleta Mitchell who stepped up to defend Christine O’Donnell when no one else would. It was Cleta Mitchell who exerted pressure on wavering conservatives to get on board Marco Rubio’s campaign. It was Cleta Mitchell who helped organize defense and offense for a host of conservative causes headed to court. It remains Cleta Mitchell who does not hesitate to give advice for new conservative organizations and pick up the phone to raise money for conservative causes and candidates.

In fact, let me now fully disabuse you of the notion that GOProud is a conservative organization.

While Cleta Mitchell was fighting for children, Chris Barron was signing up to work for the champions of child killing.

While Cleta Mitchell was fighting for people’s right to work, GOProud was aligning itself with the AFL-CIO and the SEIU.

While Cleta Mitchell was helping the Senate Conservatives Fund get people like Pat Toomey, Marco Rubio, Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and others elected, GOProud was attacking Jim DeMint.

While Cleta Mitchell was in super secret meetings of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy this week, GOProud was attacking Tim Pawlenty for daring to defend conservative positions on don’t ask-don’t tell.

Those groups and people who have sat out CPAC this year have done so not because they hate the gays, as Grover Norquist and GOProud would have you believe, but because GOProud is not a conservative organization and its agenda is not a conservative agenda.

For that, they are called losers and nasty bigots.

These losers and nasty bigots have done a lot more for the conservative movement than GOProud. And I am very happy to call them my friends.

Item:&#160 It came out that “conservative” Andrew Breitbart – he of Big Government, Big Hollywood, Big-Whatever, etc, and the sponsor of the James O’Keefe ACORN&#160 expos&#233, is on the board of GoProud:

Calling this “a maturing point for the conservative movement,” Breitbart minces no words: “If being conservative means rejecting gay conservatives because they are gay, then fine, I’m not a conservative.”

Fine, Breitbart.&#160 You’re not a conservative.

Let’s get one thing straight, Randy Andi.&#160 The Republican Party ain’t winning shit&#160 without the social conservatives.&#160 You may not get that far without the fiscal&#160 conservatives either, true – but you’re sure as Hell not going anywhere without us.

And as far as I’m concerned, Andi, if you wanna be a heterophobic little pussy, go for it.&#160 Fuck you and the horses that both you and GoProud rode in on.

And make sure you don those kneepads for Bambi in 2012.&#160 You’re gonna need ’em.

Probably enjoy it, too.



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