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Denizens, those of you who’ve not been living under rocks pretty much know about the goings-on in Egypt.

Hosni Mubarak, fully expected to have stepped down today by the throngs of protesters in Cairo…didn’t.&#160 He instead “delegated” his powers to newly-appointed Egyptian vice-president Omar Suleiman and stated his intention to remain as president until elections occur in September, at least.

This was met, as one might expect, with more outrage on the part of the Egyptian protestors.&#160 It could be about to get very&#160 violent in Egypt.

Al-Obambi is all over the map with regards to Egypt.&#160 Resign, don’t resign, do resign but not until September – he’s a dictator, he’s not a dictator, he tortures his people, no he doesn’t…it’s like nailing Jello&#169 to the wall.

A Venomous administration, if you were to ask me what I’d do (and you didn’t, but humor me, mkay?)…would watch & wait, and not do anything until a government (of any type) emerged from this madness.

Look.&#160 They’re adults over there in Cairo.&#160 They might be dumb-asses, yeah – but they’re still capable, and deserving, of determining their own destiny, independent of this country and what it might want for that region.&#160 Nor are we the world’s playground monitor, standing there with arms folded, whistle in mouth, eyes narrowed, waiting for the first push or shove so that we can step in.&#160 (We do&#160 have a vested interest in what happens in the Middle East, given how much oil we import from there, but that’s it – then again, some may say that’s all&#160 of it.)

Okay?&#160 Okay.


To employ a Nixonism, let me make one thing perfectly clear.&#160 The “Muslim Brotherhood” must not, under any circumstances whatsoever, obtain any power in Egypt.&#160 Period, end, stop.&#160 They must be prevented from ruling that country by any means necessary.

Look.&#160 The Muslim Brotherhood is the progenitor of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Al-Qaida.&#160 Put them in charge over in Egypt, and it’s almost a certainty they’ll attack Israel – and God knows whom else.

The United States currently holds Israel in a voluntary check when it comes to using military force.&#160 (Has to be, otherwise why does Iran still have a nuclear program?).&#160 If the Muslim Brotherhood ascends to power over there, a Venomous administration would not only let Israel take Egypt to the woodshed militarily – it would go over there to help them.

Al-Obambi won’t do that.&#160 Then again, Al-Obambi is chock full of amateurs who, when they got that 3 a.m. phone call, knocked the phone off the nightstand and went back to sleep.

UPDATE:&#160 BREAKING – Okay, Mubarak has stepped down, according to Fox News.

Now&#160 things get interesting.

Limbaugh was talking yesterday about how it’s never the first&#160 revolution that sticks, but the second.&#160 And to demonstrate, he cited Germany (Kaiser Wilhelm to the Weimar Republic to the Nazis) and Russia (czars – Alexander Kerensky – Communist Party (side note:&#160 this was the first I’d ever heard of Kerensky)).

So keep a very&#160 close eye on what goes on now in Egypt.

Israel will be.


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