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The Jawas & Bynars at the Deparment of Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You&#153, realizing it’s been over two years since they last earned any of their pay – and glancing warily over at the Sith Lord glaring at them with lightsaber in hand – have decided to chime in with this update on widdle Julia Ass-mange.

Leaked Swedish police documents on the Julian Assange sex cases raise key questions for both sides about the allegations. Was one of the WikiLeaks founder’s Swedish lovers asleep during intercourse? Did she consent to unprotected sex? Those answers will determine whether rape was committed under Swedish law.


In leaked police documents that emerged this week on the Internet, the Swedish woman accusing Assange of rape woke up as he was having sex with her, but let him continue even though she knew he wasn’t wearing a condom.

She says she insisted that Assange wear a condom when they had sex in her apartment in the Swedish city of Enkoping on Aug. 16, and that he reluctantly agreed. The incident labeled as rape happened the next morning, when the woman claims she was woken up by Assange having unprotected sex with her.

“She immediately asked: `Are you wearing anything?’ and he answered `You,'” according to a police summary of her deposition. “She said to him `You better don’t have HIV’ and he answered `Of course not.’ She felt it was too late. He was already inside her and she let him continue.”

Having sex with a sleeping person can be considered rape in Sweden, but the details in the leaked transcript could explain why different prosecutors have made different assessments of the incident.

Feel thou free to readeth the rest.

Now, we have to admit – if we’re to believe the Asphyxated Piss, this would appear to be somewhat exculpatory towards widdlw Miss Ass-mange.&#160 We just think it’s extremely funny that (s)he who would embarrass the governments of the world via the leaked document should now come to be embarrassed himself by the same.

(Not that widdle Julia would even have&#160 a sense of embarrassment, but still.)


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