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[SCENE:  On the bridge of ISS Titanic, currently in drydock and running on minimal power.  An occasional indicator light flashes here & there and life support is just above minimum levels, but otherwise the place is dark.

The reverie is shattered by the appearance of a large, orange ball of light, which quickly coalesces into six figures – Lord Darth Venomous, his XO Korrioth, engineer emeritus Merlin and current chief engineer Ozy McCool, communicatinos wunderkind  T-Bone McManx and tactical officer K’hadibak’h.]

VENOMOUS (apparently to no one in particular):  Computer!  Lights!

[No response.]

OZY MCCOOL:  One second, Admiral.  I believe we left the main computer in standby.

[McCool pulls out a tricorder-looking device and keys in a sequence.  Immediately the lights come up & sounds fill the bridge as the control systems come back online.

McCool casts a glance at Venomous.]

VENOMOUS:  Good work, Ozy.  Thank you.

[McCool merely nods.]

VENOMOUS:  You’re sure you & Merlin have things figured out this time?

MERLIN:  Yes, Admiral.  We’ll be ready to take Titanic  out no later than four days from now.

MERLIN:  I’ll hold you to that, Wizard.  Grab whomever you need from spacedock and let’s get this beast flying.  (to all) Repair stations, please.

Heads-up, Denizens.  The long-awaited upgrade of the WordPress engine begins now.  (Are you happy now, General?    )

Y’all stay tuned.


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