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The latest episode of The Acorn Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree, Does It?&#160 begins with Widdle Randie Paula whining…for defense cuts.

Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican, called for cuts to the Department of Defense budget and entitlement reform in his Thursday afternoon speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).


“The president of the United States wants to sound now like he’s a conservative,” Paul said. “He says he wants to freeze spending. But, it’s going to be this much [a small amount] of the budget, with inflated levels of spending,”

So let’s see if I have this straight:&#160 We just had revolution in Egypt, which is likely gonna wind up in the hands of Muslim terrorists; Iran continues to work on possibly developing a nuclear bomb, as does North Korea – a country which recently displayed highly belligerent behavior towards its southern neighbor; China continues to menace Taiwan, and we continue to fight a war in Afghanistan.

And this dumbass wants to cut defense spending?

Like father, like son.&#160 Ron Paul’s a dumbass, and so’s his boy Randi.

Whet the Hell&#153 did the Tea Party ever see in this bozo?&#160 Or the state of Kentucky, for that matter?


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