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ITEM:&#160 The Wisconsin Legislature is about to pass a bill curtailing labor unions’ ability to collective-bargain for much beyond basic wages.&#160 It’s a move to try and save taxpayer money, and a damned good idea.

Naturally, the Professional Socialist Left&#153 is acting like bedwetting crybabies over it, including 1,100 teachers who called in “sick” and closed many Madison school districts in an illegal strike

Now, the GOP outnumber the Donktards in the Senate, 19-14.&#160 A quorum is 20 members.


ITEM:&#160 As eleven Texas cowards did eight years ago, Wisconsin House Demoscum fled the state, thus denying their constituents proper representation and bringing the people’s business to a halt.

“The plan is to try and slow this down because it’s an extreme piece of legislation that’s tearing this state apart,” Sen. Jon Erpenbach said in a telephone interview. He refused to say where he was.

Yeah.&#160 Just like a typical Demoscum cowardly pussy.

If/when they show their faggot asses back across the Wisconsin line, I’d suggest treating them like rabid dogs.



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