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Ah, yes, sportz fanz – time for yet another libtard to have his 15 minutes having the SpatulaBoot applied forcefully to his ugly ass!!!

(Insert canned cheers here.)

Today’s contestant is…some British pissweasel named Daniel!!!  (More canned cheers.)

Daniel made quite the first impression, as you’re about to see.  He thought he’d get in on this old rag of a thread and make a name for himself by, as the colloquialism goes, “taking ol’ Spatula to school”.  Apparently, it never dawned on him that once a thread becomes old enough, Movable Type’s anti-spam safeguards kick in, thus holding his comment in abeyance until I could look at it.

Fact is, Danny-boy, I could have just let your snide little screed sit there, where no one would have ever seen it, thus putting you in the position of having wasted the hour or two it took you to concoct the best way to show your ass to the entire Blogosphere.

Unhappily for you – and fortunately for the Denizens – I’m a little bit more sadistic than that. (grin)  As Kamir Khan cried when hunting Bond in “Octopussy” – LET THE SPORT…COMMENCE!!!

(Now I’m assuming you mean “corporeal punishment”, not “coporeal punishment”.

Well, we all know what happens when you assume,  don’t we, Danny?  You make an ass out of either you or me – and since it ain’t me…

I could be wrong, however,

Oh, in this instance, little wanker, you’re quite right – I did  leave out an “r” in “corporeal”.  Bite me.  Perfect, I ain’t.

But I’m ever-so-sure you exercise the right to be wrong several times a day, moron.  In fact, I’m willing to bet you fuck up at least once in this very comment of yours.

(Denizens, do you get the feeling I’ve already found the fuck-up? (snicker))

but at school I never seemed to learn what the word “coporeal” meant: must be those damn democrats again, not teaching our kids the meaning of non-existant words.)

Sounds to me, Danny-boy, that the only thing you learned in school was how to look in the mirror and play with yourself.  (The guess from here, of course, being that you had  to look in the mirror just to find it.)  A useful skill, to be sure, seeing as an arse like yourself probably always got stuck with a Bertha Butt-type at the school dances.  Eh, ol’ chap?

It is true we need more corporeal punishment in schools, far too much punishment nowadays seems to be of the non-corporeal form. Non-corporeal punishment is far too wishy-washy and innefective: if children are punished non-corporeally they might start to do other things non-corporeally like washing up and hair-drying and who knows where we’d be then, when all our children start doing things ‘in spirit only’. I’m sure they’ll make good Democrats: All those non-corporeal things like “intensions”, but no bodily action to back it all up.

Okay, Denizens, let’s have a contest (and I’m serious about this):  I’ll send a Spatula City t-shirt to the first person (other than Danny-boy) who can accurately tell me JUST WHAT THE EVER-LOVIN’ HELL™  THIS MORON JUST SAID!!!!!

Sorry, but a post on education by a Republican on “coporeal punishment” was just way too good to pass up.

I’m sure you got yourself a little stiffy – again, emphasis on the word “little” – from trying to show me up.  It’s a damned shame you failed so miserably.


Uh…my “-with-tongue-in-cheek”???  I wasn’t aware I owned  a “-with-tongue-in-cheek”.  Pray tell, Danny-boy…what’s a “-with-tongue-in-cheek”???

Or did you just get caught with your trousers down around the ankles, screwing the pooch, ’cause you left out a letter, just like you thought you were going to nail His Rudeness to the wall for doing…eh what, you moronic fuckstick?

A LibDem student who grew up just fine without corporal punishment.

Oh, I wouldn’t be too sure about that.  Looks to me  as if your lack of having your arse whipped on a regular basis helped you grow up to be a right fine shit-for-brains…



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