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Denizens, I’m sure most of you remember about a year ago this time when I lost one of my best and dearest friends, Jeff Duke (his funeral was a year ago yesterday, if memory serves).&#160 As you’ll recall, his death hit me pretty hard – to the point where I forsook a couple of very valuable days spent at the Lady’s side in Miami just to come back here for the funeral.

This hits me just about as hard.&#160 Robert Plett was one of the charter members of that little band of Fidonet brothers known as the Lensnetters (LENS = Limbaugh Echo Nuke’m Squad) which continued as a loose-knit cadre of emailers to this day.&#160 He also, up until recently, was a regular commenter to this blog; in fact, I’d been beginning to wonder why I’d not seen him in a while.

I guess now I know, don’t I?

Denizens, you’ll pardon me if this is the only post you see this weekend.&#160 I’m gonna take some time to mourn – and I encourage those of you who knew him to do a little mourning yourselves.&#160 The planet just lost a helluva good human being.


(Hat tip Supreme General Rayegun.)

Denizens, those of you who know me know that I have plenty&#160 of reason to hate Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Shove.&#160 In addition to Donna McNabb, the Greatest Quarterback Ever In The History Of Ever, Ever&#153 and her his little buddy Terri Owens, there’s also the Gangsta Rap Thug of the NBA, Allen “The Answer” Iverson (must have been a really&#160 stupid question) – and the recent sweep of the baseball locals by the Phillies and that ugly green furball they embarrassingly call a “mascot” has set my teeth on edge, as well.

But this piece of bovine excrement is worthy of an RCOB moment.

City high school students will be required to take a class in African and African American history to graduate, a move that education experts believe is unique in the nation.

It’s unique in that it’s the most insanely fuckwitted idea a school board has ever spewed out its collective piehole, that’s what’s unique about it.

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