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GREUNE, TX – The Bacchanal on the Comal has begun.

Yes, Sportz Fanz, the Texas Hill Country Tunes, Toobs & Targets Blogfest is now in full swing.&#160 We’re over at Zippo’s right now, where the SpatulaGoddess is preparing the brine for the ribs as I type.

Got down here just in time to catch the last half of the last Buckwheat Zydeco set – good stuff.&#160 The guy can flat-out play.&#160 Quite the enjoyable listen.

Tomorrow is “toobin'” down the Comal River, maybe a stopover at Schlitterbahn, and then a small nation’s worth of ribs/chicken/Train Wreck Stew&#153, the lovely Denita’s Splenda Lemon Merengue Pie&#153, and lots ‘n lots of booze hooch adult beverages.

Sunday will be a pilgrimage to an outdoor range for some target practice.&#160 We’ll be pretending the targets are…well, we’ll just keep that to ourselves, won’t we? (snicker)

More recaps later.&#160 Maybe some live blogging, who knows?

Stay tuned.


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