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“In the year 2036, the New United Nations declared that no Earth Citizen could be made to answer for the crimes of their race or forebearers…”

-Data, to Q, “Encounter at Farpoint, Part I”, Star Trek:&#160 The Next Generation,&#160 1988

Let’s get one thing straight, okay?&#160 I am not responsible for the actions of my father, Bill Crager, nor his father, Grady Rook Crager.&#160 And I am not responsible for the actions of his&#160 father, Archie Crager, nor for his&#160 father.

So it follows that I’m sure as Hell&#153 not responsible for anything my ancestors circa 1865&#160 did, right?

So would someone please tell me why Wachovia Bank has now apologized for the findings of a 111-page report that they just wasted untold tens of thousands of their customer’s dollars preparing?

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Okay, so I’m reading in NewsMax about the former Mr. Jane Fonda (some of you might know him better as Ted Turner) addressing a conference of CNN folk while they commemorate 25 years of bullshitting the public.

And there was ol’ Teddy-boy, being a blowhard as usual, trying to take credit for putting an end to the Cold War or somesuch.&#160 He conveniently forgets that the Soviets already gave Ronaldus Magnus for that particular feat,&#160 but we’ll overlook that for now.

What fascinated me about this piece were two things that spewed forth from the mouths of (mental) babes, as it were:

When he launched CNN in 1980, Turner said he set out to create “the most respected name in television news,” what he called “the New York Times of the airway.” He bragged: “And we did it.”

Y’know what?&#160 For once in his miserable life, Ted Turner is spot-on, bang-on-the-money right.&#160 CNN is, if nothing else, the New York Times&#160 of the airways.

And that should tell you all you need to know about that.

The other thing I found intriguing was where he got the idea for CNN International:

Turner revealed that he got the idea for CNN International – which he launched in 1985 – from, of all people, that champion of free press, Fidel Castro.

“He said, ‘Ted, the whole world needs CNN. I use it all the time and it’s very important to me.’ So I said, ‘Well, if Castro needs it, certainly the capitalists around the world could use it, and perhaps some other communists too.'”

So an avowed enemy of the United States uses CNN all the time, and it’s very important to him?&#160 Anyone wonder why that is?&#160 Hello?&#160 Bueller?

If I were the US government, I’d keep a verrrrrrrrrrrrrry&#160 close eye on CNN henceforth.&#160 And if I were CNN, already hurting for ratings, I’d be awfully damned careful about who endorses me, knowwhutImeanVerne&#153???

Just sayin’, is all.


I had a great post on George McGovern, who’s proven himself to be just as much of a treasonous fuckhead as Mark Felt was 30-some-odd years ago.&#160 Was going to spring it on you guys this afternoon, after a hellacious morning post.

That was all before my text editor crapped out on me.



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