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Denizens, a heads-up to you guys:

The spammers, who heretofore had pretty much left me alone, have apparently discovered my presence on the Web.

(Side note:&#160 If I ever – ever&#160 – get within five feet of the fucktard responsible for alerting them to my presence…there aren’t enough cops on Planet Earth to keep me from what will happen next.&#160 Just sayin’, is all.)

At any rate, I may be forced to do what Misha has had to do, and employ TypeKey as a comment verification service.&#160 For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, you register with them, and then you have sort of like a “season pass” to comment on all the blogs who similarly employ it.

Just an FYI in case the spamtards don’t let up anytime soon.&#160 Thatisall&#153.


And in yet another why-should-this-surprise-anyone moment out of Flori-duhhhhhh, a tin-plated jackoff dictator-in-a-robe has once again his complete lack of morals on a community that doesn’t necessarily want those lack of morals imposed on them.

An excuse-for-a-federal-judge in Jacksonville has decreed that the city of St. Augustine, FL must fly nearly 50 fag flags…

…yeah, I said “fag flags”.&#160 What’s the heterophobic sodomite community think they’re going to fucking do&#160 about it, hm?&#160 Picket me in their fucking pink taffeta?

…on the city’s Bridge of Lions.

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