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BLANCO, TX – A few years ago in Hurst (a little town between Dallas and Fort Worth), some homeowners lost their property to the city in a case of eminent domain.

The reasoning?&#160 The local shopping mall there needed more space and a parking lot.

So I can understand how the folks in NewSocialistLondon, Connecticut feel when the United States Soprano Not-So-Supreme Court this week ruled that the property and homes for which they’ve worked their entire lives isn’t really theirs after all.

With this fuckwitted decision on the part of five bastard excuses-for-judges (okay, so much for the obligatory invective), this country has just taken about ten giant leaps towards socialism – if not outright Communism.&#160 Think the USAR – the Union of Socialist American Republics.

Misha has pretty much expressed my feelings on this, as far as the Soprano Court goes.

But what has me in yet another RCOB moment is the reaction of President Linguini-ya to this POS debacle:

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