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Between work and blogging and all, it escaped this scribe’s notice that Michelle Malkin’s blog turned one year old the other day.

And she’s already running rings around me several times over in number of hits.&#160 Hmf. (grin)

Happy Blogerversary, O Gorgeous One.


Okay, so the GOP fund-raiser is on tonight as scheduled.&#160 It will supposedly raise $23 million for the Republican Party. (You’ll recall I blogged on it here.)

In all seriousness – this is really the kind of thing I’d expect from Kaiser Wilhelm von Slickmeister, not from a man who vowed during the 2000 campaign to restore honor, dignity and integrity to the office of the President – “so help me God”.

Shrubya, you’ve already alienated a good portion of your base by your failure to act to save Terri Schiavo from being murdered by that bastard swine excuse-for-a-husband of hers.&#160 Now is not&#160 the time to alienate the rest of them.

As gorgeous as she is, I’d still disinvite her if I were you.


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