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Okay, so the Cereal Jury (nuts, fruits & flakes) has found the One-Gloved Wacky Wonder&#153, Chief Flake&#153 himself, not guilty on all counts.

Hope you Moonwalkers are happy now.&#160 Perhaps you can shut up long enough to allow the rest of us Right-Thinkers&#153 to go back to sleep…?

For my part, I’ve just one thing to say: Your Doublewideness, don’t ever&#160 let me hear of my son getting within five fucking feet of this maniacal, chimpanzee loving, no-nosed hee-heeing freak.&#160 Parental rights or no, if I find out he has… (glares out towards Sulphur Springs)



As you know, Denizens, one of the things which raises my hackles severely is a moron who caves in and apologizes after having said something that happens to…(gasp, arrrrgh!!!)…offend&#160 someone.&#160 I like folks to say what they mean, mean what they say and stand up for it when bitched at.

But there is&#160 a caveat thereto:&#160 Generally, you have to be right&#160 about what you’re saying – which almost always means that Demoscum can’t qualify.

And I can think of fewer instances where that’s more the case than with the head Jackass himself, Dr. YEAARRRRRGH!!!.&#160 Seems he doesn’t feel like apologizing for the BS he’s spewed forth these last couple of weeks.

Howard Dean said Saturday that positive responses from key supporters

That is to say, George Soreloser, MoveOnDon’tLookTooCloselyAtHowWeRaiseMoney.org, the heterophobic sodomites, NAMBLA, the baby-butchering crowd, the artsy-fartsy, Howard Stern and the rest of the maggot-infested FM-types…Boy, don’tcha just yearn for the support of those&#160 losers…?

have reinforced his determination to keep talking tough. Some congressional Democrats have suggested that the party chairman should tone down his rhetoric.

“People want us to fight,” Dean told the national party’s executive committee. “We are here to fight.”

No, Chief Screaming Flea, you’re there to piss & moan, whine & bitch, and just generally show the rest of the world your ugly ass.

Now, if you want to fight…you and the rest of the Cowardcrats just let us know…heh…heh…heh… (smacks fist into palm)


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