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They buried one hell of a conservative voice today.  Jesse Helms, a hero of the conservative movement and a man who almost never caved in to leftard political pressure, died of natural causes on the Fourth of July.  Most appropriate, since Thomas Jefferson and John Adams also shuffled off this mortal coil on that date.

Misha, as usual has waxed most eloquently on Helms’ passing, and there’s NoWayInHell™ I could possibly improve on it.  Denizen & fellow blogger Alan K. Henderson has some of Jesse’s greatest hits (incidenatlly, AKH, it’s not spelled with an “i”, just fyi).

They tried to derisively label him “Senator No”.  He wore it like a badge of honor.  He was genteel & cordial to even his fiercest political opponents, but he never gave a fat rat’s ass what the leftards thought of him, either.

I wish there were more in the Imperial Socialist Congress like Jesse Helms.  (Perhaps if there were, we wouldn’t be calling them the Imperial Socialist Congress.)  We need more like him.

UPDATE:  Slightly red-faced thanks to Denizen & fellow blogger David Hartung for pointing out to me that I’d screwed up yet another link.

That’s what I get for blogging with only one eye open. 


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