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Capt. Carter (Base Weapons Officer): General, long-range sensors are tracking an inbound object. Identification computers indicate it is the reconnaissance droid we sent towards the Pegasus some time ago to infiltrate the Shelliak ships attempting to circle the Pegasus.

SG Rayegun: Captain, have the targeting computers on the rail guns been calibrated for long-range objects?

Carter: Sir, they’ve been cleared for short-range operation but we’ve only gotten them to 99.999% on long-range objects.

SG Rayegun: Then I suggest you get them fine tuned that last 0.001% on that recon droid. You have my leave to fire at will Captain.

Carter: Yes sir! Targeting droid with battery #1. Target locked.

{Carter speaks over the base intercom} Prepare for rail gun battery #1 firing.

Firing NOW!!

Carter: Sir, droid has been obliterated. Rail gun targeting is now at 100% accuracy.

SG Rayegun: Thank you Captain, you may cancel the Alert status.

Carter: Yes sir!

Well, with that little problem out of the way the Southern Command stands ready to do the same to any other “targets” that enter our surveillance range. Just as Spats has mentioned, I have for many years now ran the Area5Xp blog and for some…you should remember me from the BBS glory days.

Look for new posts from myself RSN (that’s “Real Soon Now” for those of you in Rio Linda).



Denizens, recall yesterday I mentioned that I was wanting multiple authors for the Realm™?  Well, that begins effective immediately.

Let me introduce you to Supreme General Rayegun, chief military officer out in the Southern Command of the Realm™, also known as Area 5Xp.  The General will be imparting wisdom, knowledge and after-action reports to those of us here in the Realm™ – soon as he…unnngh…

[Spats carries a big, bulky, robot-llke canister over to the torpedo launcher, dumps it on the conveyor belt, and watches as it glides into the bay.  He then shuts the door, secures it, walks over to an adjoining console and mashes one fist on a button, resulting in a slight jerking motion aboard Pegasus.

External view, we see the object launch from the forward torpedo tube, and sail about 10,000 kilometers before what look like jets thereupon fire and send the object on a heading of 180 mark 261.]

…soon as he takes back that reconnaissance droid he left here at the beginning of all this. 


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