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Speaking of YouTube, whilst cruising for Tricia vids (yes, yes, I know – masochistic tendencies ‘n such), I came across this:

(Spew alert for the Statler & Waldorf tag at the end.)




…a divorce case that ends the right  way

Y’know, Denizens, I’ve made a partial blog-career out of not only throwing Stephanie Dawn Stewart Crager – that is to say, Her Royal Doublewide Bitchiness – under the bus, but then having that bus stomp a mudhole and proceed to walk it dry (a little Jim Ross lingo, there).  The Six Or Seven Of You Who Still Read Me™ know that there’s no love lost there.

Be that as it may, I still have to give Steffi credit for one thing:  She ain’t Tricia Walsh-Smith.

For the Uninitiated™, this is the blonde-assed bimbo who attempted to try her divorce case in the Court Of Public Opinion™, aka YouTube.  (Go look ‘er up yourselves if you want.  This skank makes Angelina Jolie & Amy Winehouse look chaste, and I’m not gonna give her the honor of the linkage.)  The trollop attempted to employ a campaign of character assassination against her husband, Phillip Smith of the Shubert Organization (a theatrical group) by airing her numerous & shrill, screeching grievances on a series of YouTube videos.
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