Welcome to the Realm™ - Version 5.0...

Denizens, today is the day.&#160 The IV project is now complete, and ready for deployment.

As you know, ever since Spatula City BBS! left the orbit of Planet Bogshplat, we’ve run on a platform of Movable Type 3.15.&#160 And it’s served us well here, for the most part.

But, as Geddy Lee once said, “changes aren’t permanent – but change is”.&#160 The time has come to part ways with Movable Type, and rebuild this fine blog upon another platform.

Therefore, later on today Spatula City BBS! will come down for a short period and convert from Movable Type 3.15 to WordPress 2.6.&#160 With any luck, the changeover will be (other than the cosmetic appearance) relatively seamless.

There are three reasons for the conversion to WordPress:

1) This current version of MT doesn’t handle spam terribly well.&#160 The filter, MT-Blacklist, is pretty much a reactive filter – you have to tell it what to block, and even then it’s not terribly efficient.&#160 Our filter here is chock full, and still we continue to get spam-bombed.&#160 I’m tired of having to deal with it all.

By contrast, WordPress is outfitted with a filter called Akismet.&#160 It’s working extremely well on the Rott, and that hasn’t escaped my notice.

2) Ever since Mykki Chickenshit’s dick-sucking sycophant pussified minions decided to come in here and try shitting on my carpet, I’ve had to moderate comments.&#160 That’s also tiresome.&#160 Besides, I’m sure that The Six Or Seven Of You Who Still Read Me&#153 would prefer (as would I) to see your comments hit the blog in realtime.&#160 WordPress will allow us to do that here.

3) MT’s “shareware” version (which is what this is) only allows for one author to a blog.&#160 (The full version that allows multiple authors cost $69 two years ago, I can only guess it’s gone up since then, and I’m not independently wealthy.)

I have, for a long time now, wanted this blog to have multiple authors.&#160 More authors means more posts, and potentially more traffic.

MERLIN:&#160 Not to mention less work for you.

LSIK&T:&#160 Shut up, conehead.


The plan is to build a Four Right Wing Wackos/Rott-style blog here, with multiple authors writing multiple posts per day.&#160 More of My Eternal…

KORRIOTH:&#160 Ahem.

…uh, Our Eternal Wisdom&#153 for you, the masses.

The conversion will begin here in a bit.&#160 Keep your eyes peeled.

UPDATE:&#160 Ladies & gentlemen, welcome to the new Spatula City BBS!

Now that the migration is complete, we’ll see about adding some things that I’ve always meant to add to try and make the experience more like it was on the old BBS.

Feel free to look around. Have fun!

Update the 2nd:&#160 The blogroll is not yet complete.&#160 I’ll get it finished…

CAPTAIN JAMES T. KIRK:&#160 Don’t tell me – Tuesday.

LSIK&T:&#160 Would you go back to Veridian III and kick Soran’s ass?&#160 I’m trying to run a blog here.

CAPTAIN JAMES T. KIRK:&#160 Touchy, touchy.

Anyway, I’ll get it done soon as I can.&#160 ThatIsAll&#153.


[SCENE:&#160 In His Rudeness' quarters.&#160 Pegasus&#160 is en route to the Shelliak homeworld, having destroyed its flagship without firing a shot.&#160 Captain Korrioth, on orders from Lord Spatula, has dutifully transmitted footage of the "battle" to the Shelliak, along with a pointed message that they were not&#160 happy campers.

Spats, having downed the aforementioned keg of peach-tea-flavored Theragen derivative, is now attempting to rest before the next encounter.&#160 A chime, the location of which Our Hero&#153 cannot place, is insisting on his attention.

Spats sits up in bed, palms trying unsuccessfully to push back the throbbing migraine-like pain shooting out of his eye sockets.]

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


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