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Three years & counting, Denizens.

Three years ago, Widdle Mikey “Mykki Chickenshit” Cortese, the Leftard Colostomy Bag Reverend of the Church of the SubTarded™ was invited to come down here to Texas to see if he had the same cojones  face-to-face that he does spewing his methane whilst hiding behind his keyboard.  Or his skank, whichever smells least like tuna this evening.

Best he could do is have his sock puppet, “Von Vockerman”, offer a meager pittance of $66 to go up to Tennessee, ostensibly for a “showdown” (what, Socko, did you think I was gonna hitchhike?). Neither the plays-with-inflatable-dolls pussy nor the $66 has ever darkened my doorstep.  (Neither have any of his needle-dick-slurping sycophants – not even the ones who live in the next county, eh, “Firefox”? – but that’s another post for another time.)

I’m still waiting, nancy-boy.  But if that’s your picture on your “new” blog, I think I understand why you’ve never shown your ugly ass here.  Hell, I think Michael Crook could probably beat the shit out of you.

Incidentally, did you ever figure out whether you lived in Alexandria or Arlington?  Inquiring minds, y’know.

Of course, you could  always go take that M-1 pop-gun of yours and help out the Al-Qaida insurgency in Iraq that you love so.  Their ranks are getting kinda thin, so I imagine they could use a hand. 

But then, maybe not.  Even the insurgents have more balls than a weak-assed little pussy like you.  Hell, I understand that one of the inflatable dollies beat your ass into the ground the other day.  Wonder if YouTube has that vid? 

Fucking asswipe.


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